Coffee Scented Deal

Mexico restaurant operator Alsea has reached an agreement with Starbucks Corp. to take full equity control of the world’s biggest coffee chain’s stores in Argentina and Chile.
Alsea bought 82% of Starbucks’ Chilean operation and the 18% it did not own of Starbucks’ Argentine business, to own 100% of both. Alsea will operate 66 stores in Argentina and 44 in Chile, along with the 382 it controls in Mexico, all of them carrying the Starbucks brand name. The company expects to open 130 stores in Argentina and Chile in the next five years, while it plans to invest 75 million usd opening 170 new stores in Mexico, Starbucks’ fastest-growing Latin American market, over the next three years.

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  1. Starbucks is very popular in San Francisco, my home town. Personaly there is nothing that they offier that I would consume, however my wife thinks that Starbucks is great. Her health is such as she is mostly home bound, and I have to walk over daily to get her a grande latte. I notice the homeless in the store purchasing the high priced brue and using their restrooms, but then the city pays for their healthcare, lodging and an ATM account. The government for their foodstamps and free cellphones, It`s not actually any of my business, but can you not see where this is going. Wellfare payments are going to support unhealthy options that result in addictions and dependacy. This also is the source of the drug money that grows the drug trade and drug cartels. If people had to work for their support, the drug trade would fall flat.

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