Choosing Land and House Placement in Paradise

Deep down a lot of us share a common, perhaps primordial dream: a parcel of land where we can grow our gardens, our kids and ourselves. While there is ample advise out there on the legalities of buying land in the Bay and Riviera Nayarit, let’s talk about the practicalities of land selection for your little Garden of Eden property.

  1. Before buying, be sure you see the property at the height of the rainy season! This advice includes checking out the road access – you don’t want to be kayaking in the gorge formed down your road to approach the house! Very inconvenient with groceries in tow. Many properties hugging the coast were originally deltas and marshes, and no matter what, this is what they want to revert back to. So be sure you are aware of October’s version of paradise.
  2. If you absolutely must fell any trees, to construct your house or roads, be sure you know which ones are legally protected (and be a good sport and plant 10 trees for every one you cut!)
  3. Coastal properties tend to have very sandy soil. While there are clay veins, be mindful of the sand factor and protect against erosion. Research erosion control practices for your roads, house foundation, etc. Disturb topsoil and vegetation as little as possible – they form the protective mantle that keeps your property in one piece! Erosion control should be of foremost consideration, not an afterthought once a disaster has been created.
  4. Consider not siting your house at the top view point. Keep the view “fresh” by having to go visit it and site your house midway up a slope instead, with easier access and less harsh elemental exposure (think: corrosive salt spray)

Above all, enjoy these initial stages to creating your oasis. Careful consideration and knowledge of the nuances of your land will yield a better quality home plan.

Emily Majewski
Emily Majewski is Co-Founder of PHYTOSTONE, a small firm based in Nayarit dedicated to creating advanced natural materials for home and garden.