Changing your habits to prevent disease, A new health program offered by Hospiten

The medical director of the Hospital Group “Hospiten Puerto Vallarta”, Doctor Marcelo Noé Basave Rojas, is part of the multidisciplinary team of professionals that that are working with the participants of the #RetoHospiten program. The program consists of three months of medical care and assistance to help participants lose weight and to improve their health outcomes. With regular follow-up, laboratory studies, X-rays, electrocardiogram, consultations with a nutritionist, internal medicine and cardiology. It is a comprehensive plan designed to deliver results.

Dr. Marcelo explains, ” We integrate a series of analyzes and studies for the participants before and after the challenge so we are able to see where they started and what improvements they have made over the three months.

All the clinical practices that we perform are based on the use of cutting-edge technology, including the electrocardiogram where we perform two. A conventional one that is done with the patient lying down and in the second, we attach a series of electrodes that, is done while the participant is on a treadmill, giving us a more complete analysis.

With the analyzes carried out prior to the start of the challenge, high levels of sugar, cholesterol, hypertension, congenital heart disease, dyslipidemias, sleep apnea, respiratory and gynecological problems, among other diseases, can be detected in order to prevent the reactions that they might have in the human body, accompanied by a nutritional plan that will provide a whole series of beneficial nutrients.

“One of the bad habits with which we most struggle daily is smoking, because you can not stop overnight because it is addictive, but we are convinced that the motivation what we offer to the participants with clinical analyzes and nutritional plans, becomes an important reason to encourage participants to have good habits and make their health change favorably, “concluded Dr. Marcelo Basave.


By Daniel Moreno