Casa Rosita Bucerias: A Healing garden of friendship and peace

Every Wednesday afternoon a group of people will gather outside Casa Rosita in Bucerias.

Locals wondered what went on inside the house, as people at the entrance showed a stern look, stiff posture, and would shyly say hello to the person next to them while waiting for the door to open.

A few hours later, the same people came out with sparkling eyes, a huge smile and a refreshed and more relaxed look.

How mysterious!

I was lucky to participate in the group, whose primary goal was to reach a healthy state of consciousness through self-growth lectures, workshops, and talks, and part of the donations collected went to local social causes, such as the John Ozzello Memorial Food Bank.

Bruce Taylor was in charge of the weekday self-growth workshops; a lovely master, with sweet glances and a soft voice that strongly stated wake up words into the group’s consciousness. Saturday mornings, the Westbys did Shambala Meditation; an adorable couple that shared their meditation technique and reflections about living life in a mindful way.

Thom Crohnkite and Caroline Cottom were also invited to give lectures and share knowledge and Ayurveda practices; great masters deeply involved with enlightenment practices, past lives, and wellbeing, all to live in a state of heightened awareness.

Of course, not everything was peaches and cream, a wide array of emotions and reactions emanated during our sessions, and there were many emotional moments, as life often seemed like the song says. “Life can be wishy-washy, sometimes black, sometimes pink in color, sometimes it gives you everything, sometimes it takes it all away….[ Asi es la Vida, by Mexican Pop Band Elefante)

Once we crossed the door, the environment was transformed.

In the beautiful jungle-like garden, the host, Rose Marie diligently arranged our seats and welcomed us with fresh tamarindo or Jamaica water. She was always kind, friendly and service oriented.

The environment was relaxed and welcoming, and once we were settled in our places, Bruce would encourage us to look into each other’s eyes and salute them with joy from within.

It was amazing to experience and a big difference between my everyday shy “hello” to this profound way of saluting (honouring) the other, looking at him/her in the eye and smiling with the whole body, right from the heart.

A wonderful experience that will remain in my heart and the active link and connection I feel with each and all the lucky souls that had the privilege to attend to those joyful moments of clarity, brother/sisterhood, love, and unspoken truth.