Cartonero book presented at CEINJURE Puerto Vallarta

The General Director of Prevention and Social Reintegration of the State of Jalisco, Mtro. José Antonio Pérez Juárez, led the presentation of the cardboard book “Soñar awake”, written and edited by 16 women deprived of liberty from CEINJURE Costa Norte, through cardboard workshops coordinated by the Jalisco writers and editors Sergio Fong Gollaz and Israel Soberanes.

The ceremony, in which the prison authorities also inaugurated a gym and delivered four new guitars to the female population, was attended by Lic. José Adolfo López Solorio, Regional Coordinator of Social Assistance of the State, and Lic. Marina de los Santos Álvarez, Director of the Vallarta Institute of Culture –who delivered 60 books as a donation-, on behalf of the Municipal President of Puerto Vallarta, Arturo Dávalos Peña.

Also present were Lic. Paula Celina Lomelí Ramírez, Director of the Puerto Vallarta DIF System; Lic. Susana Rodríguez Mejía. Director of Beach Tourism of the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Jalisco; local businessman, judges, Lic. Juan Manuel Murillo Vega, Regional Delegate of the State Attorney’s Office in Puerto Vallarta; and the MPF, Carlos Fernando Fernández Ortiz, head of the Attention and Retention Agency of the Attorney General’s Office.

Accompanied by Jorge Eduardo Díaz Santana Vázquez, director of CEINJURE Costa Norte, the Director of Prevention and Social Reintegration indicated that “the social reintegration of people deprived of liberty is enhanced and strengthened with public institutional co-responsibility, with the solidarity of society organized civil service, alliances with the productive sector and public reflections with the media ”.

He added that “from this linkage, collaboration agreements and joint actions derive that materialize the formative principle that within the reintegration centers allows the development of individual freedoms and social benefits, legality and coexistence in peace, within the framework of the re-founding of the public life of Jalisco ”.

Pérez Juárez highlighted that in Puerto Vallarta, DIGPRES has had an excellent response from the municipal government, business organizations and civil society associations.

“Dreaming awake” presented at CEINJURE Vallarta, is the third cardboard book emanating from Jalisco prisons, after “Words at a distance, from CAIJEJ, Center for Comprehensive Youth Care of the State of Jalisco, in which young people are cared for; and “Espejo y viento”, from the Puente Grande women’s prison.

The General Director of Prevention and Social Reintegration reported that in matters of Education – one of the five axes of reintegration, along with Health, Sports, Training and Work – the Jalisco prison system already registers 2,440 people deprived of liberty, pre-released and released, in basic, middle and higher education; and 6,213 in productive training workshops.

“However, in addition to Education in a strict sense, we promote the practice and enjoyment of art in different manifestations. During this year we have a record of 2,218 diverse activities in the field of art, culture and recreation, including spiritual ones. We do it through our Artistic and Cultural Development Program, which includes Theater, Folk Ballet, Modern Dance, Plastic Arts, Yoga and Cardboard Book Workshops ”, he added.

A cardboard publisher is a group of people who organize themselves to produce and distribute book runs, in a community way, with authors and readers excluded or at risk of exclusion from institutional and commercial cultural and artistic circles.

Cartoneras publishers bring together those who, for disadvantageous socio-cultural or economic reasons, find themselves far removed from reflective language, books and literary practice, in community practices that are part of the micro-topia.

The cardboard books are author’s texts printed on sheets that are stapled or sewn, bound with recycled cardboard covers that are illustrated and painted by hand, resulting in copies of books as artistic works of unique value.