Capstain Don’s 2.0

As with many things Mexican, by the time you read this, Captain Don’s may or may not have had their official reopening. Berenice does a great job on Facebook of highlighting their activities; stay tuned for official opening dates and promotions.

When I heard that Captain Don’s was undergoing renovations, my initial thought was, “What could they possibly do to make Captain Don’s better”?

Was I surprised!

While Berenice hired contractors, she was there every day supervising and keeping an eye on her vision, and tending to her friends, family, and customers.
Her vision was to increase seating (twenty tables), update and expand the kitchen, increase the dance floor and renovate the bar.

Berenice kept her clients informed of the renovation progress; utilizing FB and keeping her place open as much as possible, while providing the usual level of service to her friends and clients, construction and all.

On my first visit during the renovations, I discovered walls (on one side) were missing to the ladies washroom, the BBQ and storage areas were gone. The stage was missing; it was now in the back patio area, with a roof over the area, awaiting insulation. WOW!

The “missing” washroom wall has provided entertaining viewing as women, who I am sure were used to both walls to navigate the path to the washroom, now have only one wall for support.

My next visit I discovered walls around an expanded kitchen area, with stuff piled up around the area amid a flurry of activity; painting and construction proceeding at a steady Mexican pace. Blinding spotlights mounted on the ceiling did not enhance the atmosphere. Berenice confided later that they were still experimenting on a comfort level.

I discovered recently when I thought that my backpack was missing from my table, that there are security cameras installed at Captain Dons. Originally installed when Don Olsen was ill but still wanted to be a part of his bar, they are now used to provide security coverage of all areas.

Upon hearing of my missing bag, the staff notified Berenice, who immediately pulled the videotapes. Then I remembered, we had been home that afternoon and we had left the backpack at home. Notice the use of “we” rather than “I” in the previous sentence. That will cost me husband points!

The cameras will be incorporated into the renovations.

As an added security feature, Berenice has been installing hooks on many tables to hang purses and backpacks on, no need to hang them on the back of your chair.

The Horses have been moved with the stage. I asked Berenice the story behind the horses and she really didn’t know but thought perhaps Gilberto, a former silent partner, found them in the garbage or purchased it.

Still the Same:
The pool table is there, the book exchange, the Horses, and the friendly staff.
Roberto is in charge of the kitchen and is looking forward to creating a new menu.

Those drippings bags of ice that all members of the staff transport to the bar weigh 25 kgs each and on a busy day, they can go thru twenty-five or thirty bags.

The Big Change:
During an interview with Berenice last year, I told her I supported her right to allow smoking in her bar but it sure sucked and we stayed away on busy days.
With a bigger than usual smile on her face, Berenice informed me that the area from the stage to halfway back was going to be smoke-free.

WOW, Captain Dons just got better!

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Bruce Howells
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