If You Can’t Find It, Make It

Since I was in second grade, I have had to follow a specialized diet in order to treat the digestive and immune issues that have plagued me. When I was first told that I needed to remove wheat and yeast from my diet I had been feeling sick more often than not and consistently complained of having a stomach ache and being tired. After many doctors and tests, someone told my mom about a common digestive issue that may be helped by cutting out certain ingredients and adding a probiotic to my daily routine. It made a big difference so I stuck to it for periods of time and continue to follow it loosely as I improve my overall health. On top of that, I chose to become a vegetarian at the age of thirteen.

A little over a year ago, I was experiencing new digestive and health issues that I couldn’t seem to get ahead of no matter how healthy I thought I was eating. I saw several different holistic practitioners as well as my primary care physician before finally believing that I was lactose intolerant. I was given a strong recommendation to stop eating dairy, remove raw foods from my diet for the time being and begin eating meat again. The doctor recommended that I stick to a soup or very well-cooked veggie and rice diet while supplementing with bone broth to introduce meat back into my system. I am now a full-blown meat eater but sadly avoid dairy at all costs. This diet works well for me but can be very difficult when I begin to crave cheese or ice cream, so I have had to learn how to adjust.

Living in Mexico has proved to be far less of a challenge to my diet than most people would imagine. There are great amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and of course fish since I live on the coast. Finding options in Sayulita is easy due to the variety of organic stores, local tiendas, and restaurants that focus on healthier and more allergy friendly dishes. In town, there are many health food or gourmet shops as well as restaurants that advertise dishes made from whole and organic ingredients prepared in a way that would meet most diet restrictions.

However, there is one thing I have been unable to find in town. I have yet to find vegan ice cream. If you are dairy free and looking for some options, there are endless choices of fruit-based sorbets and paletas in the grocery stores and in town but nothing made with any sort of coconut or almond milk.

Recently, everything changed when I received a beautiful Cuisinart ice cream maker as an early Christmas present. The possibilities are endless now that I have the ability to make small batches of my favorite food group.

Though as part of my present I was also gifted some key ingredients that are a little harder to find, I will have no problem buying most of what I need right in town in Sayulita. As expected, I have already made several batches of delicious dairy-free dessert. The first one was a super fudge marble ice cream but I am excited to try recipes like strawberry basil and olive oil chocolate fudge. Coconut milk is pretty much unlimited here, making it affordable to whip up my own batches of tasty frozen treats.

Unfortunately, we ate the first serving of ice cream so fast that I couldn’t get a photo of the finished product. However, there will be plenty of experimenting with flavors in the future so keep an eye out for the recipes we will share!

Ed. Note: Vegan Paradice located in La Cruz offers tons of vegan ice cream flavours and other vegan treats. Find them at veganparadice.com.mx



Sayulita – Living in such a beautiful tropical place just got a little sweeter

My New Toy – Christmas came early when I was gifted an ice cream maker earlier this month

Ingredients – Though you can find most of what you need to make ice cream in town it helps to have someone bring hard to source ingredients

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