Cameron, Peña Nieto Strengthen Trades Ties between Mexico, UK

LONDON – British Prime Minister David Cameron and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Wednesday held a meeting in London at which they emphasized the need to strengthen trade ties between their two countries.
On the second day of the Mexican president’s visit to the United Kingdom, the British leader welcomed him at his official residence on Downing Street, where the pair held a working lunch.
Before the meeting, Peña Nieto emphasized the “productive” relationship the two countries enjoy, while Cameron said that their links are proving to be ever more solid.
During Peña Nieto’s visit to Britain, which will wrap up on Thursday, the two nations have signed several trade agreements, including a contract involving beverage giant Diageo, which will invest $400 million (360 million euros) in Mexico over the next five years.
During their meeting, the two leaders explored possibilities for cooperation in the energy sector before Peña Nieto travels on Thursday to Aberdeen, the focal point for the petroleum industry in Scotland.
Cameron said at the meeting that cooperation with Mexico could be relevant in the European strategy to diversify its energy sources given the conflict with Russia stemming from the Ukraine crisis.
The British premier also expressed his intention to support a third term for Mexico’s Jose Angel Gurria as secretary-general of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, or OECD, when his current term ends in 2016. Other issues on the table at the meeting were the plans to update the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, as well as how the two countries can increase their defense cooperation, an area in which they agreed to several reciprocal visits by their top military officials.
Before lunch, Cameron and Peña Nieto witnessed the signing of a cooperation accord on climate change, humanitarian aid, international policy and security by British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and his Mexican counterpart, Jose Antonio Meade.
Furthermore, a Downing Street spokesman said that Cameron brought up with the Mexican leader his “concerns” regarding human rights and the judicial system in the Western Hemisphere nation.
According to Amnesty International, the war on drug trafficking in Mexico since 2006 has taken 100,000 lives and resulted in 20,000 disappearances.
Peña Nieto on Wednesday evening will attend a banquet offered in his honor at the Guildhall by the mayor of the City of London, Alan Yarrow.

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