Busing the Bay Destination: Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita

Destination: Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita

Attractions: – A designated “Pueblo Magico” town

  • An incredible vibrant, bustling town, but quaint

– Beach – restaurants, vendors, rentals, bikinis

– Surfing – shops, rentals, lessons, waves

A town of funky shops, galleries, eateries and an OXXO

– A former Hippie town, the culture still visible with groovy vibes

Walking Distances: Bus terminal to “bridge over calm waters” = 5 minutes

Travel Time: PV to Sayulita: 60 – 90 Mexican minutes

Other destinations: Depends where you get on.

Bucerias to Sayulita: 30 – 40 minutes

Busses Required: Oneeach way. Last bus back to PV by 10 pm from bus terminal

You require a bus with “Sayulita” on the front window; they are usually “Compestela” buses

DO NOT BOARD a bus with “Punta de Mita or “Mita” on it!

PV Departure: Board at the Walmart across from the cruise ship terminal or along the lateral across from the Coppel store; Read the windows and flag the bus down.

Other Departures: Along the lateral as you pass thru towns or any safe place along the highway. Read the windows and flag the bus down.

Travel Expenses: 84 pesos for one return to Walmart

47 pesos for one return to Bucerias

The Experience:

Sayulita is a designated Mexican “Pueblo Magico” town and it seems that everyone has heard tales; surfing, hippies, artists, camping on the beach, trailer parks and energetic, colorful buildings.

Well I would like to verify that most of it is most definitely probably true.

Parking is at a premium in Sayulita, take the bus!

Departing from PV, board at the Walmart across from the ferry terminal or along the lateral across from the Coppel store; Read the windows and flag the bus down.

You require a bus that says “Sayulita” on the front window; they are usually “Compestela” buses.

DO NOT BOARD a bus with “Punta de Mita” or “Mita” on it!

When boarding the bus you should receive a ticket with the amount you paid on it. Hang on to it. This is your proof and insurance in case anything happens.

As always, when heading out of PV, enjoy the scenery; from the bustling life in the city to the transition of life in smaller towns. Cruising along the lateral in Bucerias you bounce thru the dry riverbed and up the hill past the Bucerias Centro sign where you can glimpse the ocean and get a flavor for the local merchants.

Heading out of Bucerias you are briefly on a divided highway when suddenly the road narrows and you are on a winding, constricted road going thru the jungle. Observe the “soft shoulder” on the highway, there is none! In addition to the jungle scenery, you encounter small villages protected by speed bumps and fruit stands, including a place selling cooper pots and pans that look interesting. (As you zoom past).

Highway 200 is exceptionally narrow so traffic issues, road repairs or accidents can cause a delay. Enjoy the scenery, buy from the vendor, tip the musicians! Be happy, you’re not driving!

Arriving in Sayulita and the driver backs into the terminal, holding up traffic as they maneuver into the parking lot. Disembarking, turn left and wander into town.

You are on your own at this point, so much to see and do; Shops, galleries, restaurants, a radical beach, surfing (rentals / lessons) or rent a golf cart and drive around town. Browse, barter, buy, imbibe, and be glad you don’t have to drive in town.

Heading home is easy. There always seems to be people heading to the bus terminal, follow the crowd or ask. A bus leaves for Vallarta every 15 Mexican minutes, and there is a sheltered area with benches you can sit and wait. If however, you get thirsty while waiting and wander down the street to secure a cold beverage and miss your bus; it is only 15 minutes for the next one. And you can finish your beverage on the bus!

Another excellent day trip and no need to drive!

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