Busing the Bay: Bucerias to Punta de Mita to a Fishing Panga

Attractions: – Home to high scale resorts and world personalities

  • Fishing village with an upper scale atmosphere
  • Safe, clean village to visit
  • Fishing charters, snorkeling
  • Close to Marieta Islands

Walking Distance: From bus terminal to beach front shops: Five minute walk, moderate hill


Travel Time: From Bucerias to Punta de Mita   thirty – forty five minutes

From Puerto Vallarta: one to one / half hour


Buses Required: One “ATM” Punta de Mita bus each way


DO NOT BOARD a “Sayulita” bus!


Bucerias Departure: Anywhere on the lateral

PV Departure: Board at the Walmart across from the ferry terminal or along the lateral across from the Coppel store; Read the windows and flag the bus down.


Travel Expenses:  36 pesos for 1 return to Bucerias.

Around 50 pesos for 1 return to Puerto Vallarta


The Experience:

After my unexpected visit to Punta de Mita the previous week, I found myself headed there again for a day of fishing. My grandson wanted to go fishing, so a friend booked a panga boat for seventy dollars US hour, which considering it was high season seemed a fair price.


A panga will hold many more than three people, but for fishing it’s a good number in the boat. Bring your own snacks and beverages. They have snorkeling equip on board and will provide time if requested.


Unfortunately, not all fishing trips result in trophy fish. Or even any fish.  We managed to land a needle fish, which we released.


My wife expressed her regrets that we did not have a good day when we arrived home with no fish.


With an attitude that there are no bad days in Mexico, I explained the great time we had riding the bus, especially the section between La Cruz and Mita. If there was ever a stretch of highway I would like to drive in my old six speed convertible Miata, this is it.  I believe the bus drivers agree as they seem to drive like they are in a sports car at times.


Exiting the bus at the terminal in front of the OXXO, you are greeted by guides enquiring if you are looking to go fishing. Follow the road down the hill, past all the restaurants until you arrive at the fishing boats where you will encounter many available boats.


We left the marina with a full sun rising, boats all around us, with pelicans and various birds providing a visual delight. I observed a bird eating a fish while being chased by another bird mid air. Then of course, there were the three whales and the dolphins we encountered.

Time to do some fishing!

Within thirty minutes of stopping and bobbing up and down, my grandson started feeling sea sick.

We continued fishing.

It’s one thing to not catch fish, but when you watch other boats catching Tuna, it can be frustrating. Our captain asked if we wanted to try some snorkeling, but with a “sickie” on board, we decided to cut the day short at four hours.

We passed a yacht that was anchored off shore and had a helicopter on the top deck, a speed boat on the second deck and a mess of electronic gear and radar equipment. Turns out Mr. Bill Gates was in town. It was interesting to view such amazing opulence.

While my grandson seemed skeptical when I mentioned how he would feel better once he was on shore, He managed to revive himself with a vitamin drink and by the time we were home he was ready for food.

Apparently, I had promised my wife fish for supper so we went to Mr. & Mrs. Fish in Bucerias for some great fresh fish and chips, and with my grandsons appetite fully restored, he volunteered to help grandma eat her fish (as well as his own Big Burrito) so I was able to order my very own plate of coconut shrimp. As scrumptious as the shrimp were, the coconut was also extremely fresh and yummy and it was a tasty finish to a marvelous day fishing.

Another extraordinary day and no driving required! No such thing as a bad day fishing.

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Bruce Howells
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