Bussing the Bay: Bucerias to Destiladeras Beach

Destination: Bucerias to Destiladeras Beach

Attractions: – Considered as one of the top beaches in the bay

  • Stunning scenery, incredible fine sand

  • Safe, clean beach to visit

  • Amenities; Public washrooms (5p), Public parking, restaurants

  • Nahui resort. Check for day passes

Walking Distance: From highway to beach: Five minute walk, slight hill

Travel Time: From Bucerias to Destilerderas/: thirty – forty five min

From Puerto Vallarta: one to one / half min

Buses Required: One “ATM” Punta de Mita bus each way

You require a bus with “Punta de Mita” or “Mita” on the front window; they usually are “ATM” buses.

DO NOT BOARD a “Sayulita” bus!

Bucerias Departure: Anywhere on the lateral

PV Departure: Board at the Walmart across from the ferry terminal or along the lateral across from the Coppel store; Read the windows and flag the bus down.

Travel Expenses: 30 pesos for 1 return to Bucerias.

The Experience:

My grandson was down so I planned a journey to my favorite beach; Destiladeras Beach, one of the best beaches in Banderas Bay.

It was not our first visit to “The Walking Beach” as it is nicknamed, but it was my first since the new highway and it almost became the trip that never happened!

I comment about the frequency of the buses and colectivos, but today, while there were several colectivos, they were full, we had beach toys and stuff, so no problem we thought, the bus will arrive shortly. After twenty minutes, we thought maybe they weren’t running today? Just as we were discussing a “pool” day, the bus arrived!

Boarding the bus I asked “Alto a playa Destiladeras”, he nodded yes and we boarded a crowded bus, standing room only! We secured seats but it remained standing room only.

The bus took the old road leaving La Cruz, so no problem getting off at Destiladeras, I thought. Windows were covered, aisles blocked, and we couldn’t see out the front window. Rejoining the “new” road, I knew we were headed to Punta de Mita.

First time a bus driver has ever not remembered to stop.

With only positive thoughts allowed in Mexico, what a great opportunity to show Xavier Punta de Mita!

He was encouraged when he saw an OXXO as it had been an hour and a half since he had last eaten. We wandered thru town to the waterfront, and checked out the beach and boats. After a brief stop at the OXXO we boarded a bus for Vallarta asking “Alto a playa Destiladeras”. Thirteen pesos each, but we were first on and sat in the front seats, eye wide open. Spotting the sign for the Nahui resort we knew we were close. Suddenly, the bus was pulling over and the driver signaling us to get off.

Yeah for Mexican bus drivers, they rock!

Entering a secure public parking lot, we followed the road to the beach and encountered joyful people enjoying a day at an amazing beach. At times there can be an undertow but on a calm day not so much and there is no sudden drop off, very gradual walk to the deeper water. Waves can be big and the southern end of the beach is noted for surfing with 5-foot waves at times.

There were families, locals and tourists, all enjoying a memorable day at a magical isolated Mexican jewel.

Whether it’s the comforts of a day pass at Nahui or “roughing it” on the beach with a cooler, renting a table and umbrella or chowing down at one of the beach side restaurants, you must visit this beach; no explanation required as to its nickname “The Walking Beach”.

Time to head home!

There were two people at the highway and several more joined us. We waited ten minutes for a Vallarta bus. We secured seats but it was standing room only. I enjoyed the ride thru the narrow winding jungle road with ocean views, thru the town of La Cruz and its one traffic light, along the lateral in Bucerias and a glimpse into the activities of a fishing/tourist village, back onto the highway and arrival at the Mega.

Another fun day and no driving required!

For additional details, photos and tips, view the online article at www.vallartatribune.com/category/columns/busing-banderas-bay/



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