Busing the Bay: Rocking the North Shore – Sayulita, Higuera Blanca, San Pancho

Preparing my articles on rock music of the North Shore coastal towns, one band’s name was constantly reoccurring; Soul Trip, with their unique mix of rearranged songs that flow from blues to rock, between funk, soul, and psychedelic.

When asked why the band was traveling, they responded, “They wanted to spread their music to everyone in the Bay, as well as allowing their souls to reach further horizons. They consider every venue “a portal” and hope every performance provides a trip for the soul to achieve peace and harmony.” Enjoy the concert, a cold beer, tequila, and more.

If you have friends in the North Shore, recommend they support local businesses, go out for an evening of fun, food, and live rock/blues music, they will not be disappointed.

With increased popularity and generous tips, the band is investing in upgrading their PA system (speakers, subwoofer, mixer board, monitoring speakers), as they strive to deliver a concert-like setting, even selling T-shirts and hats.

A blended, controlled sound, fronted by strong vocals and harmonica, with Stevie Ray Vaughn quality rifts, backed by a Bassist and Drummer who link the rhythm of the drums with the melody of the guitar, delivering a memorable musical soul trip.

The Dream:

Recent summer successes by PV bands, The Gecko Band and Tres Cuartro, in Canada, have Soul Trip working to capitalize on “The Mexican Music Invasion”; starting with their current opportunity to travel, and promote the band throughout the Bay.

Anyone with leads or contacts on Canadian venues, talk to the band or drop the info in the Tip bucket.

What better way to prepare for a Canadian tour than by cruising the highways of Banderas Bay. On average, the band travels 500+ kilometers a week, requiring two vehicles, with 14+ hours night time travel. If they can navigate the overhanging jungle vines, unmarked “taupes”, and narrow roads, they should be prepared for Canada with its “no taupes”, painted lines, and wide shoulders.

The Journey:

The week starts on Monday, with a trip to Ana Bananas in La Cruz for their second season, in time for Meatloaf Monday. Showtime 7 pm.

Tuesdays see Soul Trip off to Sayulita where they are entering their second season at El Atico Hookah bar. Sorry guys, that’s hookah not hooker! Showtime 9:30 pm

Wednesday’s portal in San Pancho, at the El Gallo, is on hold due to bureaucratic issues holding up the permits. El Gallo is family owned and specializes in local ingredients and Mexican cuisine. The family has been involved in supporting local musicians for many years.

This allows the band a day for relaxing, composing, rehearsing and availability for private events. I was fortunate to hire the band last February for my wife’s “XX” surprise birthday party, and I have still not used up all those “husband points”. Hoping to gain more for not publishing how many “XX’s” there were.

Thursdays the band is in Bucerias at the Drunken Duck, where they started, three seasons ago. The specialty in-house ribs should be available. Showtime 9 pm.

Fridays, the band ventures to Higuera Blanca for their first season, don’t miss the Soul Trip Experience Portal, at the Faro Mita, your portal to a musical delight. Showtime 7:30 pm.

Initial reports, first show was a sellout and they turned people away

Vallarta Portals:

Soul Trip performs in Vallarta Saturdays, at Kelly’s Pour Favor, 8 pm, then at La Ingrata for a 1 am portal, and on Sunday, El Sonador rooftop, 9 pm.

For listings on all bands and their schedules, The Vallarta Tribune publishes a “Live Music Calendar” every week; ask your local venues to submit their music listings.

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Keep on Rockin

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