Busing the Bay: High Season Highlights.

As the winter high season draws to an end, I look back upon my first full year in Vallarta with many memories; most of them pleasant.

There was an abundance of places to visit, tours, benefit concerts, outdoor markets, restaurants, and I participated in only a fraction of them.
The majority of our dining experiences seemed to revolve around either coming from or going to see live music. When I am in the mood for gourmet dining, I stay home and enjoy my wife’s cooking!

Pleasant Surprises: Restaurants / Music
Seasons P.V. has been advertising, a full inside cover in the Tribune for the last year, and we finally visited them. Located on the bus route, disembark at the Plaza Rivera, past the bridge, entering old town. There is an Intercam bank with ATM’s and full-service tellers, plus containers of water outside for the canine crowd.
Seasons provides indoor A/C dining or tables and umbrellas on the patio, offering “Canadian and American casual dining with a Mexican touch”. Providing a daily special in addition to their menu, we ate there often, always sharing meals. A pleasant surprise when they brought our shared meal on separate plates, already cut in half with fries on both plates. Knowing my wife would never eat all her half, I did not complain when she grabbed the larger portion! A great place for casual dining, people watching, and grabbing your copy of the Tribune.

Café Roma, located down the stairs before you cross the bridge into old town, by the river, close to the entrance of the flea market on Encino Street, garnered our attention when they advertised Saturday, 6 pm music with Tequila Rush, one of the local heavyweights in the live rock scene. I had a Calzone on our first visit, and have been back several times since for Calzone and Music. On our initial visit, my wife ordered a salad for her meal. When my calzone came with a salad, we exchanged married people glances, and on subsequent visits, we shared the calzone; I ate the calzone, she ate the salad. Great music, great food, great people we met, our appetites and souls were always at peace when leaving Café Roma. Café Roma provided music Thursday nights, with the popular Anna and the Others performing from 6:30 – 9:30 pm.
Café Roma is involved with the Cafe Roma Kids project, helping needy local kids receive the skills they need to survive in today’s world.

Kelly’s Pour Favor, on Lazarus Cárdenas in Old Town, as well as providing live rock music seven days a week, provides a tasty, comfort food menu. I arranged to meet a friend and his family there one night. He inquired about the food, and I gave him my comfy food spiel. He responded, “After a week at an AI, meatloaf sounds good”! They were not disappointed.

Captain Don’s on Honduras in the 5 de Deciembre Colonia, continues the experience of great music, great food, and great times, all at one location. Between their daily specials and their regular menu, we were never disappointed with our meals, and certainly never the music. Pick up your copy of the Tribune here.

A Taste of Italy, located in the Malecon / Lazarus Cardenas Park area, provides an awesome location for people watching, along with a menu of Italian, subs, burgers, and seafood, at moderate prices, including twenty pesos Coronas. This is our favorite place to stop and chill and marvel at the smorgasbord of tourists, dogs, vendors, and school kids blending into a kaleidoscope of energy, all focused on having a good time, or selling you something.

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Bruce Howells
Bruce es un canadiense jubilado, que junto con su esposa Velma, tomó una "mulligan" en la vida y escapó del frío de Canadá y se instaló en Vallartazona. Cumpliendo un retirosueño de no conducir más, Bruce utilizará transportatio públicon para recorrer la bahía y contar sus historias aquí. Consejos e itinerarios bienvenidos. Correo electrónico: busbanderasbay