Busing the Bay Experiences: Moving to PV

My wife and I decided to leave our current tropical paradise to explore Mexico further. After considering many destinations, we settled on Puerto Vallarta. It was twenty plus kilometers away and in another state.

It was not a huge distance but every move has challenges.

Ten days before move in, the landlord informed us he had sold the house.

We had a signed lease as well as a handshake deal. Welcome to the PV rental market. With help from the Vallarta FB group, leads from friends and rental agents, we secured lodging.

We were on our way to Puerto Vallarta.

The move into our new casa went well and we were busy settling in and discovering our new habitat. There was an OXXO a two-minute walk away, time for some cold beverages. It was closed, not as in “for the night” but shuttered, never to open again.

Day two we discovered there was poor cell coverage in the area but maybe we could receive calls if we walked to the security gate.

Day four we ran out of gas, no hot water or stove. Three days later someone came and climbed to the roof to fill the tank. The stove lit but not the hot water tank. Two days and several emails later, someone showed up and replaced a thingy, yeah, hot water!

I discovered that as well as a poor cell signal in the area, I had run out of time.

What could go wrong next?

Day six the internet died.

I could not call anyone or email so I hopped a bus to the Marina Walmart (twenty minutes), found free Wifi, sent numerous emails and added time on my cell.

Finally, everything was coming together; we had internet, a home phone line, gas, and time on my cell for when I maybe get a signal.

Velma is thrilled with the new appliances; washer/dryer, stove, fridge with a freezer on the bottom as well as ice and water dispenser. Vallarta has drinkable water, we love ice on demand.

  It was finally time to have fun and explore. We live near the convention center on Avenida Mexico. Trying to tell cab drivers where we live has been a challenge; Uber trips are easier as they all use GPS.

Bus trips have been entertaining, with a single bus taking us all the way to Old Town. The downside; it’s a forty-five minute trip but we are retired and have nothing better to do.

We took the wrong “OWL” bus home one night and ended up at the end of the line in Pitillal. The driver asked where we were going and even though the window sign said “Aurora” he did not go there. He drove back for roughly fifteen minutes and dropped us off at a Pemex where we caught a cab. The cab driver wanted seventy pesos but I offered one hundred. He did not refuse.

It has been interesting to watch as the new busses are rolled out and I have been gathering experiences to share. Brand new busses mixed with the original fleet, possibly with some busses dating to the last century. I wondered how long the new busses would hold up to Mexican road conditions. Based on the photo, enjoy the newness while you can.

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Bruce Howells
Bruce es un canadiense jubilado, que junto con su esposa Velma, tomó una "mulligan" en la vida y escapó del frío de Canadá y se instaló en Vallartazona. Cumpliendo un retirosueño de no conducir más, Bruce utilizará transportatio públicon para recorrer la bahía y contar sus historias aquí. Consejos e itinerarios bienvenidos. Correo electrónico: busbanderasbay