Busing the Bay: Puerto Vallarta to Bucerias

Attractions: –   ART Walk Thursdays 7 – 9 pm but galleries are open daily

  • Local daily flea market
  • Mexican culture, cuisine
  • Beach – many restaurants, vendors and live music
  • WIBIT water park experience

–    Safe, clean town to visit. Check out side streets as well as “other” side of highway

Walking Distances: From highway to art walk or market area = 10 minute, slow walk.

Travel Time: From PV to Bucerias = 30 – 45 min.

Busses required: One each way. Last bus to PV around 9 pm

PV Departure:    Walmart across from the ferry terminal.

Travel Expenses: 68 pesos for two return trip to Walmart.

The Experience:

One of my earliest memories of Bucerias was on a 2 week stay in the Zona Romantica around 2005, when we met another couple with who for the first time we took a bus trip out of PV to Mismaloya. It was so much fun and we were hooked on bus travel.

They mentioned the town of Bucerias, for our next trip, but no one really knew what was there, how to get there, and how to get home!

I hope to make it easier for you to experience the charm of Bucerias and to get home.   It’s an amazing way to spend a day, all without driving!

PV Departure: Walmart across from ferry terminal

You can catch the “ATM” bus that goes to Punta de Mita OR a “Compestela” bus to Sayulita or Lo de Marcos. They all go thru Bucerias and should have “Bucerias” on the front window.

One of the activities on your journey should be staring out the window. The bus picks up passengers everywhere along the lateral. You are able to observe every day life as you journey out of PV towards Mescales. There is a new overpass past the Mescales Walmart, bypassing the town of Mescales, but luckily, the bus takes the lateral and makes frequent stops, providing an opportunity once again to view numerous shops, buskers, and a glimpse into every day life in Mexico.

Leaving Mescales, you head down the highway. When you see the Mega sign you are close. Depending on your activities you have 2 places to disembark.

Destination 1: Art Walk

Ask to get off at the DeCameron (traffic lights), safely cross the highway (see tips), stop at the OXXO, buy a cold beverage and walk down the hill where you encounter the Royal Decameron, all inclusive resort. There is an excellent sports bar on the opposite corner.

Turn right on Lazaro Cardenas and begin strolling on the paved road. Your journey is high lighted by vibrant local fauna as well as restaurants from taco stands to fine dining, art galleries, vendors and magnificent wall murals.

The road ends at The Kissing Bridge which provides passage into the market area. There are several excellent public access beach locations on the way.

Destination 2: Market Area, Town Square, Beach, Beach front Restaurants

Ask to get off at “El Centro”, just after you cross the dry river bed which will be extremely bumpy. Safely cross the highway (see tips) at the lights, and walk down the hill where you will encounter the town square and the beach, the market on your left and a string of beach front restaurants to your right. As well turn right along Mexico Ave. for amazing shops, restaurants, bars, taco stands.

  • Market Area: Shaped like a “U”, with both ends opening onto the town square and while not as large as PV has all the same items you just can’t live without.
  • Town Square. You may encounter bands playing in the square, people dancing and of course vendors. Restaurants, Sports Bars, Tequila stores, ice cream and street side taco stands, and an OXXO.
  • Beach front Restaurants. A stretch of ocean front restaurants that all serve ice cold beverages, great seafood and cater to beach goers. Some have live music on various days. Don’t ignore the restaurants on the other side of the street, excellent food and ambiance.
  • A new water “park” that appears to be quite the adventure.
  • Beaches. The beaches are great out here, not a big undertow, great sand, waves, vendors and restaurants to satisfy all your desires. They stretch for several kilometers.
  • Music. Salsa, Latin, dinner music and Rock & Roll. Many of the bands from PV play here and there are many extraordinary musicians that do not leave our musical Mecca. During high season there is no shortage of music every single day. Check some of the local “FB groups” for info.

Departure 3 & 4: If you miss the first stops, not to worry, get off anywhere in town, cross the highway and head towards the beach.

Getting Home:

  • What was once the biggest unknown part of this trip is now the easiest. Walk away from the ocean towards the highway and most anywhere on the lateral, you can flag down busses or collectivos with PV or Vallarta on the window.
  • You do not want collectivos for San Juan or only Mescales
  • Last bus is around 9 pm.
  • It is cheaper to take a cab from Bucerias to PV than from PV to Bucerias so don’t panic if you miss the bus.
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Bruce Howells
Bruce es un canadiense jubilado, que junto con su esposa Velma, tomó una "mulligan" en la vida y escapó del frío de Canadá y se instaló en Vallartazona. Cumpliendo un retirosueño de no conducir más, Bruce utilizará transportatio públicon para recorrer la bahía y contar sus historias aquí. Consejos e itinerarios bienvenidos. Correo electrónico: busbanderasbay