Busing The Bay – Destination: Puerto Vallarta to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle


Attractions: – World class marina (340+ slips)

  • Sailing community, fishing, rentals, lessons, charters, tours
  • Malecon around the marina and market
  • Town square with charm and authenticity, Public Pickelball club
  • Sunday Market; unique local crafts, food
  • Daily fresh seafood market and restaurants

–   Nightly music scene, restaurants, bars

Walking Distances: Highway to Sunday Market; slow 20 minutes

Highway (lights) to Town Square; slow10 minutes

Travel Time: PV to La Cruz; 60 – 75 Mexican minutes

Buses Required: 1 each way; Last bus back to PV around 9 pm on La Cruz lateral

You require a bus with “Punta de Mita” or “Mita” on the front window; they usually are “ATM” buses. You may see “Cruz” or a “+” on the window as well.

DO NOT BOARD a bus with “Sayulita” on it!

Cruz fish market shrimp

La Cruz market umbrellas
La Cruz market sailboat wrong turn


PV Departure:    Board at the Walmart across from the ferry terminal or along the lateral across from the Coppel store; Read the windows and flag the bus down.


Other Departures: Along the lateral as you pass thru towns or any safe place along the highway. Read the windows and flag the bus down.


Travel Expenses: 44 pesos for 1 return to PV Walmart.

22 pesos for 1 return to Bucerias


The Experience:

A world-class marina with a multitude of boats to gaze at, a daily fish market, vendor markets, and live music, there is no shortage of activities in the bustling town of La Cruz.


Departing from PV, board at the Walmart across from the cruise ship terminal or along the lateral across from the Coppel store; Read the windows and flag the bus down.


You require a bus with “Punta de Mita” or “Mita” on the front window; they usually are “ATM” buses. You may see “Cruz” or a “+” on the window as well.


DO NOT BOARD a bus with “Sayulita” on it!


Take time to enjoy the scenery and a slice of Mexican life you don’t see at resorts. Hungry or thirsty, here is a chance to satisfy your cravings and help a Mexican entrepreneur without leaving your seat. Buy something from them; tip the guitar player or singer. Carry small bills and change.


Never stop gazing out the windows as you speed along the laterals! I recently spied a pizza place that has Chicago Deep Dish pizza. So few places with thick crust pizza; will be checking this out soon.


Heading out of Bucerias, you are briefly on a divided highway when suddenly there is a cutoff to the right, and without changing gears or speed you are in a curve, heading up a hill over the Sayulita highway.

On the left is a Mexican Technology school. Busses can get very busy with students at times, providing an insight that students everywhere are rambunctious and fun to observe. Also a couple of notable speed bumps to be wary of.


You are getting close when you notice an OXXO on the left followed immediately by one on the right.


Destination 1: La Cruz Sunday Market, Daily Fish Market

The bus enters the lateral; disembark at the first intersection, which has signs for the Markets. Ask the driver where to get off.

Safely cross the highway (no lights) and head off down the road for a 20 minute stroll. Follow the road around the bend and turn right down the hill.

The Sunday market encompasses the daily fish market, as well as restaurants, vendors with unique products, produce, flowers and a foodie area on the point, selling a multitude of gourmet, fresh cooked foods. You can “experience” food throughout the market.  Be sure to bring your appetite – if you didn’t ruin it by eating on the bus!


Navigate the malecon past the fish market, past the boat launch to the marina entrance where you can continue on the malecon to the boat docks and clubhouse or turn right past the Pickelball courts and visit the town square.


Destination 2: Town Square, Entrance to Marina

Remain on the bus until you come to the only traffic lights in town and the sign for La Cruz.

Safely cross the highway, down the street and past the traffic circle with the cross made from the Huanacaxtle tree.


And surprise, there is no OXXO in town, but a Kiosko!


Excellent restaurants on your journey to the town square, roadside taco stands, Vegan ice cream, plus a sliver of Mexican life. Entering the marina, follow the malecon to the right, past the tour boat loading area to the Yacht clubhouse where there are several outstanding restaurants.

Head left on the malecon and you end up at the boat launch, fish market and Sunday market.


Heading home is easy. With the ocean at your back, head up to the lateral and flag a bus or a collectivo that says “Vallarta” on it.

DO NOT BOARD a San Juan collectivo.


An excellent day trip and there is no need to drive!


For additional details, photos and tips, view the online article at www.vallartatribune.com/author/bruce-howells/


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