Busing Banderas Bay: Busing The Day Away

We were in a new city and it was time for our annual dental checkup. What to do?

There are many posts on social media requesting info on dentists and there is never a shortage of responses. I conducted the same search three years ago when we were in the Bucerias area.

No searching required this time. Take the bus to Bucerias to see our favorite dentist, Dr. Adrian Malja, now working from the CMQ Hospital Professional building new facilities but the same wonderful staff and more.

It required two buses each way and we allowed ninety minutes for the adventure.

After our checkup, we booked appointments for follow-up work. I was starting with a root canal and my wife with two root canals. Knowing neither of us would be up to eating afterwards, I ordered sliced roast beef from a deli so we could enjoy a hearty meal before visiting the dentist.

A forty-five minute bus ride took me to Old Town and a ten-minute walk to the deli, arriving at 9:45am to find they were not open. They’re’re supposed to open at 9:00. Normally not a big deal, except, I was on a timeline as we had to leave for Bucerias by 12:30. Arriving home with no provisions for lunch, we settled for homemade soup and egg salad sandwiches, a far cry from a hot roast beef sandwich with fries, gravy, and salad.

Our journey included an ATM Bucerias bus with A/C, which almost made up for no roast beef. I wasn’t disappointed by the missing salad.

Enjoying the scenery, we arrived at the hospital in Bucerias in a relaxed frame of mind, almost forgetting what was awaiting us.

My wife was up first, so I took a collectivo (eight pesos) to the nearby Mega for spices where the “import” aisle has the best overall selection of spices and oils I have found in the bay.

I took another collectivo back into Bucerias with my spices, arriving in time for my root canal. The dental work went as well as you can expect with root canals; freezing, pain, more freezing, pain pills, drooling.

The bus to Vallarta stops near the hospital and we arrived within forty minutes, crossed the street by the Walmart and our bus pulled up immediately. We were home in an additional twenty-five minutes. An hour and a quarter travel time is a minor inconvenience when you find a dentist you trust.

Alas, there was still no roast beef. My wife had homemade spaghetti sauce in the freezer and I managed to slurp down pasta and sauce for supper.

Emptying the bus tickets from my pockets, I had taken six buses and two collectivos that day, and as on every trip, I mentioned how glad I was to not drive.

Parting Thoughts:

Many years ago some band wrote a song and a movie, “Eight Days a Week”.

Is there potential for a song “Eight Buses Today”? If any band is looking for inspiration for a song, I am available to collaborate.

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything. The name of the deli involved in my devastating Roast Beef disappointment is not important, what is important is to participate in life in Mexico, thus, who would expect a small business to always be open when they say they will?

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