Building for a Future with Music

On Monday I took a bus ride up to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle to visit with Alfredo and Marichuy Jimenez, owners of Tree House Bar. As many of you who follow them on Facebook already know, their lease ran out last spring, and they had to find a new location for their popular entertainment venue. They were lucky to obtain the undeveloped property next door to their current locale, home, in fact, to the giant Huanacaxtle tree for which the club was named.
Alfredo and Marichuy and an entire community of friends and music fans have been hard at work making an old corral (on Coral Street) into a suitable venue for live music, dancing, and tons of fun when they open in the fall. When will that be? Well, Alfredo was off hanging out with the Rolling Stones and other incredible musicians in Denver, Colorado for a couple of weeks and things got a little behind “when the cat’s away”…so the actual date is slightly up in the air right now, but we are hoping for mid-October. What we do know is that once inaugurated, this place is going to rock! Lucky La Cruz de Huanacaxtle! Alfredo has lined up an exciting group of entertainers, and when the list is public, we will have many delightful surprises.
Alfredo was educated in Marine Biology, but then the music bug bit him. He and his wife Marichuy managed the celebrated Philo’s Club in La Cruz until Philo passed away and they went out on their own creating a restaurant/bar/music venue in the courtyard of the Octopus’s Garden where they grew their business and clientele for two full years. Last year was stellar as they attracted music from Puerto Vallarta and other areas to give more variety to the La Cruz audience. Big names like Amy Armstrong and Piel Canela, Tatewari, Media Luna, Lobo and friends, all played to full houses. The couple is tireless and although they have a beautiful family and spend much quality time together, their days and nights are filled with providing excellent entertainment to the southern Nayarit area.
Following the tradition of Philo, who was a very well-loved resident of La Cruz and generous supporter of music, Alfredo and Marichuy sponsor a retreat to the magical city of San Sebastian del Oeste each year where guests stay in historic hotels around the elegant plaza and enjoy excellent food and live music performed by several of the best bands in the area. This year that event featured the marvelous gypsy rumba band Media Luna followed by Cheko Ruiz as guests relaxed after dinner around a welcoming bonfire in the gardens of the hotel where the event was held. That celebration will happen again next year on February 29, so mark your calendars for a unique getaway.
Community is vital to the Jimenez family, and they do not miss a chance to lend a hand whenever needed. This year’s response to the flooding in Nayarit was commendable; the couple did not miss a weekend taking supplies to the worst affected until matters had stabilized.
There is nothing like music and good food to bring a community together, and that is what the Tree House Bar aims to do! Stay tuned!