Bugambilia Festival 2014

By Marcia Blondin

Saturday night entertainment in Parque Lazaro Cardenas is going to be sensational! It all starts with a great parade that begins at the Sheraton and wends its way to Old Town and ends at the park. At 8pm the stars come out….from Act II Entertainment and line the stage to act and sing and dance the night away.
Singers include Coral who placed first in the Voice of Vallarta contest held on the Main Stage of Act II and was Vallarta’s first (but not last!) reality show. Many of Coral’s compañeros from Voice of Vallarta will also be appearing to entertain you including Hugo, Jose Maria, Dorys and Solo Cinco – 4 of whom were also contestants.
Elizabeth Ensor, partner in Act II will sing, Kharla Barragan and her soon-to-be-famous kids will delight everyone with their great voices and super-high energy. Puerto Vallarta Men’s Choir will perform, and dancers will offer a taste of their upcoming dance festival to be held towards the end of May. Friday evening Daniel Portela and his band will have you dancing and Jorge Acosta and beautiful Beata Stankiewicz will join him onstage.
All three nights there will be artists showing their paintings, restaurants offering their best dishes, clowns and magicians, beauty queens and dressed up doggies. There will be salsa dancing onstage and off, and healthy bougainvilleas to buy from the Garden Club for your own garden.
Our Sunday Brunch and Fashion Show at the BISTRO is sold out! What a lovely event it will be for the lucky ones with tickets. There MIGHT be tickets left for Friday night’s Cocktail Party at Oscar’s restaurant on the Isla Cuale. Check at the door at 6 pm. The appetizers will be great and our signature Bugambilia Cocktail, the MARGAVILLEA, designed by Carlos Morlett, is included in -and worth -the entire ticket price. Besides all the food and superb drinks this second annual Bugambilia Festival will be giving away – in raffles, draws and silent auctions – well in excess of 70 THOUSAND PESOS worth of prizes.
Thanks to everyone involved in making this Festival a reality…twice! To those who gave us prizes; helped with logistics and language barriers; to the city government that understands the importance of making Vallarta even more beautiful with every passing year; to the singers and dancers who made us smile; to the dozens of volunteers who gave countless hours of work and finally to all the Mothers and Bougainvilleas everywhere, thanks for a great party and we will see you next year, same time, same place.

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  1. I read the entire article and hopefully I did not miss it…..but…..it said the prade etc. would start Friday. There is more than 1 Friday in May.. Which Friday, do I find it somwhere else?
    Thanks, Trenie

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