Bucerias Beat: To Wibit or Not to Wibit?

You’ve probably seen it, out there on the bay like a giant eyesore, that bright yellow and green contraption of floating fun. I have to admit, as someone who’s spent much of my life here in the Bay of Banderas, my first reaction to Wibit Mex was adverse. “It ruins the beautiful view,” I whined…but then I saw the look on my daughter Maya’s eight-year-old face. The pure joy she exuded when she realized that she could swim out to the Wibit and jump into hours of supervised play, made me change my mind entirely.  There aren’t too many activities for kids in Bucerias, and it wasn’t a pristine beach environment before the Wibit came along. From kite surfers to jet surfers, ATVs to horses, Bucerias’ main beach is not exactly unspoiled. That’s when I realized that, with trained lifeguards on duty, I could send her out to play and relax under a palapa…I could even read a book! Healthy, safe fun and a mama break? We were both hooked.

When it came time to plan Maya’s birthday party this year, the choice was clear: Wibit or nothing. She squealed at the thought of all of her friends out there together, spinning on the giant ball, sliding down the monster slides and bouncing each other high into the air. Wibit was happy to host us and made plans to prepare for the onslaught of twenty-five slightly insane small people, and a handful of brave adults. They even gave us 20% off the total price for bringing a group larger than 10, and they went out of their way to make Maya feel special on her big day.  And right next door to the Wibit office is El Brujo restaurant.  In my opinion, no one on Bucerias’ beach serves better food or makes better margaritas, and they welcomed our huge group of forty people for lunch! They even let us decorate for the kids and kept Maya’s Wibit-themed birthday cake in their fridge.

By the end of the day, every little face was smiling ear to ear…and some big faces too! The adults all got in a killer work out as well.  I can’t believe I ever thought Wibit wouldn’t be good for Bucerias, as I’ve watched it draw in thousands of adventurous people this year alone. Most of the kids at Maya’s party were doing it for the first time…and all of them said they’d be back soon! In fact, when I asked my daughter what she will miss the most about Mexico when we are away for the summer and…you guessed it…her only reply was “WIBIT!”

So if you’ve been pondering the question, To Wibit or not to Wibit? I can sincerely say you won’t be disappointed in all the laughs, foibles and fun you’ll swim away with. And speaking of going away, this will be my final Bucerias Beat column for the season. I look forward to covering stories more about our special town again in the fall. But the good news is, Wibit Mex will be open all summer long!