Bucerias Art Walk season

We are well into the Bucerias Art Walk season, happening every Thursday evening from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Be sure to find yourself there to enjoy a magical meander through several south-west streets where local artisans invite you to explore their galleries.

I expressed my excitement about the continuation of the Bucerias Art Walk to founder, Christy Beguesse. She is pleased to have received many positive responses upon announcing the first Art Walk of the 2020-2021 season, November 5. We met in the courtyard outside her gallery, A Broken Art, located at the heart of the Bucerias Art Walk Plaza, at Lazaro Cardenas #62.
Now in it’s fourteenth year, Christy explains how it all began.
“I was living where Timothy is right now (Timothy Real Estate Group) and across the street were the D’Adios. They were artists also, kind of famous around here.”
“As soon as I moved here I went to the Puerto Vallarta Art Walk because I had read about it. I was impressed. It was nice. It was the first one I’d ever been to. I came back here and I realized, we have thirteen galleries on this street, why are we not doing this? This was fourteen years ago. One of the galleries had a holiday party and I brought it up to the group. Bucerias artists could host our own Art Walk.”

“Why Are We Not Doing This?”
She says it was met with some doubt. “No one will come to Bucerias.” “It’s too dark.” “But, the cobblestone road…” So, Christy put the idea “to bed” for the rest of that winter. “Then, the next season I was getting ready to open and Peter D’Adio comes over and suggested both galleries hold a ‘beginning of the season’ opening party.”
As one who acts rather than mulls, Christy sent out thirty invitations. “This was before e-invites! And lo and behold, right at 7 o’clock in the evening, we had about sixty or seventy people walking back and forth between his gallery and mine.”
The street was blocked with people looking through both of the galleries, and Christy said to Peter, “Look! This is our first Art Walk!” A few days later she slipped a letter under fellow artisans doors. ”Have your doors open next Thursday evening. We’re having an Art Walk.”
She delivered notification around town and into Nuevo Vallarta, describing the date, time and starting location.
“We had 200 people at the first Art Walk. We couldn’t believe it. It has just grown and grown and grown. We’ve been nominated as the best Art Walk in the Bay. And, the neat part is inviting other artists to come and display, too. My goal with the Art Walk was to expose artists who weren’t in galleries. Before the markets, there was no venue to show their stuff. When (the Bucerias Art Walk) started there were artisans all down the streets and sidewalks.”
The 2020-2021 line-up includes fourteen participants, with Alec Wilson from ArtSi being a newcomer. Some galleries offer refreshments, (hit Christy up for a taste of tequila), and all artists share their smiles, conversation, and friendship. We plan to highlight each of the Bucerias Art Walk destinations throughout the season. If you have a favorite, let us know!
With an average of four hundred Art Walk visitors every week, Thursday has become a lively night. Plan to spend your evening enjoying all of Bucerias.