Be The Change: Rest, Youtube and Mojoneras Market

Last week I took a trip to the overwhelmingly interesting Mojoneras Farmer’s market in the north of Vallarta, out past the Central Bus Station. Open only on Sundays it is very different from the local Lazaro Cardenas market that many people are familiar with. The Mojoneras market is a combination of flea and farmer’s market where you can find many new and used items and many locals shop there.

To check out my adventure at that market, search youtube for: Marcella Castellanos farmer’s market. It’s also bilingual so you should be able to pick up some español.

I hope you enjoy it! Please follow my channel for notifications on all my upcoming videos.

Where have I been, you ask?

For the past year I have taken the time to reassess how I can be of better service to the community as a certified health educator who is multi-passionate. After some personal setbacks that drained me physically, mentally and emotionally I needed some downtime.
It is okay to not run yourself ragged and allow yourself time to recharge. Being in good health means listening to your body, soul and mind and giving it what they need, including rest.

After allowing myself proper space and time to think things over about how I can offer great content that will enrich, inspire and/or educate you, I launched my very own YouTube channel.
Now, I wanted to go hide in my closet when I uploaded my first video, but what motivated me to go ahead with this plan was that I believe I can bridge the Spanish/English communication gap.  I will highlight the people and culture while exploring various places in Mexico – all with an emphasis on healthy, conscious living and aging gracefully.

It is my plan to also share plant based recipes because I strongly believe people need to learn to coexist better with the animals and earth if we are to continue to inhabit this planet. And that means each of us eating more plants!

My goal is to produce one new video a week. If you have any ideas that you would like to see created, please let me know. My email is This channel is about YOU and what interests you.

Hasta pronto!