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10th International Altruism Festival

Get ready for a day of food, fun and altruism. American Consular Agent Kelly Trainor and Casa Magna Marriot Resort invite you to the 10th Annual International Altruism Festival this Sunday, May 4th starting at 6 pm. Join 20 non-profit organizations, and over 30 restaurants and businesses for this wonderful evening that is the perfect amalgam of good will and entertainment. The sponsors’ generosity ensures 100% of the proceeds go directly to the organizations. You will also have the opportunity to find out more about each of the beneficiary associations and donate directly to the cause that you are passionate about.
Altruism is an interesting word. At its core is the concept of giving without expecting anything in return. However, in practice, this apparent sacrifice often ends up benefiting everyone involved. Almost any volunteer will tell you the benefits they reap, the smiles, the learning experience, the satisfaction to be had in helping others, and even the heartache that one can feel when being confronted with harsher realities of our world. Kelly Trainor joined us at “El Foco” radio show this past Monday (join us every Monday at 4pm on 91.9 FM) and she encouraged everyone to come to the festival. In addition to your ticket contribution you can donate directly to the selected organizations. However we encourage you to donate your time as well. Kelly had a wonderful suggestion of the type of volunteerism that we don’t often think about. A hairdresser might offer his or her services free of charge for an old folk’s home or an orphanage. Your skills are needed somewhere!
So much of the region we call home is picture-perfect that it can be easy to forget there are still significant challenges facing our neighbors and ways in which our community could do better. From old-folks homes, food banks, and conservation efforts, to scholarship programs, special needs support and rehabilitation centers, animal shelters and trash-clean up initiatives. Tons of people, your friends and neighbors, the waiter at your favorite restaurant, or the young lady checking you out at the grocery store and you yourself might both benefit from and benefit these organizations. So many people volunteer their time and effort to contribute to our community, to ensure we build the social capital needed to face needs head on and to improve quality of life for all Pata Saladas. So come support your community in this fun and easy way. Find out about new organizations and have some delicious food. You will also be delighted by music, fireworks and dancing.
Tickets can be purchased in advance foe $350 pesos from any of the participating organizations (see the list here: or at the Marriot Resort’s concierge, or for $450 pesos at the door. Tickets include food, drink, entertainment and information about community outreach.


  1. I have no problem with the definition as described in this article as it agrees with current dictionaries. However I was taught that in genetics, altruism or altruistic relates to the affinity of closely related individuals to band together, such as siblings, mothers and daughters, and fathers and sons; basically the family bonding.

    In todays world , with stepmothers and stepfathers, and half brothers and sisters, altruism has been turned on its head. Such as in the mixed races. The current problem with racism, mixed race marriages, mixed race breeds, marriage seems to be on the decline, and existing marriages are falling apart.

    An extreme example of altruistic repulsion, is when certain individuals come together , and every cell in their bodies are in a form of shock …
    to the point of a sick feeling in the stomach. Another from of altruism is when people of the same positive or negative blood type are attracted to each other.

    This has happened with my parents, my wife’s parents, each of our three daughters with their husbands, where all of us have RH – blood factor. The percentage of RH – blood in the case of our parent’s time was some 2 percent of the population, by me and my wife’s time , some 12 percent, and by my daughters time , some 20 percent.

    If a RH- and a RH + couple had a baby, the first infant would be alright, but the second and subsequent would not survive, unless the doctor gave a medicine to the mother to negate the different blood factors by suppressing the different RH factors..

    The RH+ factor blood has a protein coating on the red blood cells, while the RH – does not. So if a RH – mother has a fetus with a RH+ blood factor, her immune system will attack the RH + blood cells and destroy them during the second and subsequent pregnancy..

  2. I have come across a possible additional form of altruism . It is between a human being and an inhuman being. The other night millions of radio listeners over some 500 networks worldwide, were informed that there is a race of genetically altered off Earth people that look like a typical beautiful or handsome person, that are being introduced into society, with the likely reason of replacing us.

    How can you identify these persons. Since they do not know of their birthdate, or how old they are, they should be easy to identify, except they have the mental power over our minds to avoid detection . They however require money, since they have been told that they cannot steal food or other necessities, and must pay for them to avoid detection.

    These inhuman persons my have some relation to the millions of people that go missing every year without a trace. In the U.S. National Parks, there are many missing persons every year. Yosemite National Park is the major site where people just disappear. Children and adults have ventured away from a campsite , and not found for an extended time, many miles away on a mountain peak, dead with no shoes or clothing.

    The Bible and most all ancient texts talk about the falling angels and the sky people. Enock, St. Paul and Elisha … all prophets , were said to have gone to heaven in fire belching rocket ship , never returned , and did not die.

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