Balance Series: Balance with Short vs Long Clubs

Balance is controlled by your pivot motion- the way you twist and turn and displace weight on the way back and through.  This, my friends, is the key to a good golf swing and consistent shots.  In this series, we will help you to better understand how balance works within your entire golf game.  Enjoy…

How many times have you heard, I can hit my irons but not my woods?  As someone who hears this on a daily basis, I can tell you that it’s usually caused by faulty balance of some degree.  Stop and think about it, if you swing something at 60 miles per hour and you have ok balance (but not great) and then ramp it up to 100 miles per hour what do you think will happen to your overall mechanics?

Of course, when you add speed you also exaggerate swing flaws and the inertia of the longer clubs will magnify this even further.  Therefore the idea is simple, try and create a better and more stable foundation, at address and on the way back regardless of the club and you will have no difference between your driver and iron swing!