Bahia World Music Festival 2019 comes to Puerto Vallarta.

In honor of our upcoming Bahia World Music Festival, I sampled some marvelous handmade sausages the other day. Alex, at his market on Carranza Street, makes a tempting array of sausages inspired by recipes from around the world. To me, each one conjured thoughts of beautiful music. His Greek sausage recalled Mediterranean strains on bouzouki. The French garlic brought to mind gypsy jazz manouche around a campfire. The Moroccan lamb was heavenly, spiced with flavors suggesting Spanish flamenco. Alex’s creations took me on a sensual journey through the music of the world!


For many, one of the marvels of travel is that we return with memories that will not leave us. Just as the Roma people traveled from far off Northern India through new lands, Eastern Europe and Africa, to Europe, spreading their music, learning from others, and enriching their musical traditions, we experience exotic influences in our travels. So often, a scent or sound takes us back to a particular moment we lived on our voyages allowing us to revisit the pleasure of that moment.


Bahia World Music Festival was created to bring such new as well as familiar sounds to Puerto Vallarta, executed by extremely talented musicians.


Nationally renowned, award-winning composer, pianist, and singer from Mexico City, Pedro Dabdoub will appear with his talented new group Jazzpango combining original jazz with a huapango twist.


Celebrated Chilean musician YaYa Fuentes, Swiss-educated on the rare and exquisite hang drum, will perform original pieces and music from her country and others in the tradition of Nueva Canción from Latin America and Spain.


Fiery flamenco group Tatewari from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and just returned from an international tour will present their compositions as well as traditional Mexican and classical Spanish flamenco pieces.


The talented group Moruno originally from Guadalajara and Spain, along with special guests, will carry you away with their spirited variations on Mediterranean and jazz manouche (French Gypsy Jazz), on guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, Arabian oud, bass, and percussion.


Puerto Vallarta’s own Media Luna previously from Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende never disappoint with their energetic and inspired variations of gypsy rumba and Latin fusion with undertones of rock, many of which are their original compositions.


Caravane, a group out of San Francisco, Nayarit, seems to be from everywhere. Their music carries one through many parts of Europe and Latin America. Prepare for a journey.


The group Rabeat from Monclova, Coahuila, brings their British rock beat to the program, and Brian Macedo’s Trem De Minas offers Brazilian jazz that will have everyone wanting to dance the night away.


Whatever our travel memories, we will be swept away by the offerings at the first-ever Bahia World Music Festival this December 7 and 8 on the beautiful grounds of Oscar’s Tequila Distillery overlooking the sea. Tickets are available now on the website and at various other locations, including Oscar’s Restaurant at the mouth of the River Cuale in Puerto Vallarta.


See the website for tickets and updates for the festival.