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This 2013 – 2014 School Year will see the beginning of the achievement of two of the commitments made by President Enrique Peña Nieto: Full-Time Schools and Decent Schools.
In coordination with state education authorities, the number of full-time schools was doubled through the incorporation of 8,641 schools. As a result of this increase 15,349 full-time schools will operate in the country, benefiting over two million students.
In addition, schools serving the school population with high rates of poverty, marginalization and severe food shortages will be provided with food for their students.
The Decent Schools Program began operating to enable students to study at schools with electricity, water, toilets, furniture and facilities in good condition. The schools that benefit from this program will be those serving the most disadvantaged indigenous and rural communities.

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  1. With the law passing the legislature for teacher tests, unqualified instructors can be weeded out , provided or required to obtain teaching credentials in order to continue teaching in the classroom. Also, the government will be able to be involved in the hiring of new teachers instead of the practice of friends or family members being given the vacated teaching job.. Nothing I have read refers to home instruction. Is it legal in Mexico? In Germany former German President Adolph Hitler had a law passed in the 1930s that requires all children to be schooled in government schools. When they are discovered, the police went to the home to take the home schooled children away from the parents.
    With the prior government administration change of the Mexican National law where a person is no longer guilty until proved innocent, I hope that Jalisco and Nayarit state no longer follows the old law . The American tourists needs to know this for before the national law was changed, an American citizen could be arrested and thrown into jail, and would not get out until the American Embassy was contacted to have them released.

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