Artists are grateful for the expression space “Somos Agua”

• Edhuardo Sevilla thanked the opportunities for art creators to continue in difficult times.

After the awarding of the mural contest “We are Water” carried out by the Municipal Government of Puerto Vallarta through SEAPAL and the Instituto Vallartense de Cultura, the creators expressed their pleasure for the opening of this space of expression in the municipality and their contribution to the Culture of Water.

Adrián Téllez, an architect by profession, assured that with this call they have the opportunity to promote the care of water through art, pointing out that his idea was to capture water as a vital element that gives life to all living beings in its environment.

Alex Páramo, a local artist, stated that it is a didactic and social dynamic that contributes culturally and recovers special importance in times of uncertainty. About his work, he explained that it is a water mandala, which represents natural resources and an infinite cycle that is transformed or improved over time.

Alán César “Arkano”, showed his appreciation for the opportunity to show his talent, in a space of great attendance and very visible, in addition to supporting them with the material. He indicated that his work talks about the great biodiversity that we have in Puerto Vallarta, which stands out at the national level, therefore in his representation the tones of fresh and salt water stand out.

The graphic designer Celeste Navarro, coinciding with the promotion of the water culture contest, said that her proposal expresses the importance of the liquid as a vital element, representing a metaphor of the mother water that creates life, for which she used a palette of vivid colors, capturing typical animals of the region.

Finally, Edhuardo Sevilla, stressed that in difficult times the opportunities for creators continue, in addition to the financial support that it represented. She said that her work expresses that “we are connected through water by means of a thread that connects everything, as it is the main source of food and life on the planet.”