ARTE VIVIENTE, Artist’s Cooperative

Marcia Blondin

FINALLY! Our Artist’s Co-op is Here! Announcing “Arte Viviente”

Drum roll, please! After 20 months of looking for a home, dealing with all sorts of realtors, business owners, of so many close calls – elation followed fast by “what do you mean, you rented to someone else?” Anyway, the frustration is over, we have a home, and now it needs to be filled with fabulous art made by YOU!


If you make anything by hand, we will have a look at it. Each piece coming into the Co-op will be juried. What we will not be is a resale gallery for items from China or anywhere else. We want baskets, paintings, mirrors, furniture, sculptures, pottery, clothes, alebrijes, pinatas, shoes, bags, photography, artisan foods, jams, coffee, jellies, honey, condiments, spices; if it’s made by your hands, we want to sell it!


We are located in Centro Vallarta on the corner of Morelos and Pipila Streets. One block from the Malecon and two blocks from the Bay of Banderas. The entire front of the store is glass, so we are highly visible by every car, truck, and bus coming into town. Right now, we are renovating, and yes, we could use some help with painting and cleaning.

We plan to be continually evolving, growing, and showcasing art made by the finest craftspeople of this city and environs. In season we expect to be open seven days/week for sure, and with luck, we will have to be open every day in the summertime as well. Our goal is to build our Co-op for our residents and ex-pats, tourists are also welcome. If you love all of our various markets around the Bay, we plan to have the best that they produce and make their products available to you every day of the week. We hope to be open mid-December.

If you want more information, please send me an email:

Marcia Blondin