Around Town with Julie

Around town with Julie

By Julie Mongeau

I’ve been in Puerto Vallarta for exactly 4 months now. You would think that by now I would understand the bus system and my way around town, but for some strange reason I seem to insist on getting lost. Don’t get me wrong it is a great way to discover quaint neighbourhoods, meet new people and spend a few hours feeling a little bit disoriented.

I seem to be running after time but I still manage to spend a few hours a week sitting on a bus hoping to reach my desired destination. I can tell you that there is quite a distance between Ixtapa and Pitillal. Anyhow, I finally managed to make it to the Vallarta Food Tours in Pitillal, at this point I had worked up an appetite and I was ready to discover authentic Mexican dishes.  Our kind food guide named Lobo, made sure we were as entertained as informed. The Vallarta Food Tour – Pitillal edition is an amazing cultural experience; there is an interesting story behind some of Mexico’s best taco stands. Food is a huge part of the Mexican culture, I had the opportunity to try delicious food that I can’t pronounce and I got to immerse myself in many authentic Mexican culinary traditions. We were not only invited into people’s homes, but we climbed to the top of the Pitillal Church bell tower and gaze at the picturesque view of the mountains.  After a food-filled day I rolled myself back on a bus and made it home for a well-deserved siesta.  Thank you Vallarta Foods Tours!

As the holidays are approaching and we’re feeling the spirit in the air, I once again had to stop to catch my breath and then take a deep breath to count my blessings for being in such a remarkable country, meeting great people and learning everyday more and more about such an inspiring culture. Gracias!

Don’t forget to keep me posted on what’s going on in PV, and I will try my best to make it. I’m always open for an invite. Keep smiling and enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Love this article!! And really hope others visiting this Beautiful city, can just bring a little something to give someone less fortunate! Merry Christmas&A happy New Year!!

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