Are you too acidic?

When we think of acidic foods, we generally think of lemons, hot sauce or any kind of vinegar… but did you know that all foods are either acidic or alkaline and that your health depends on the kind of internal environment you’re creating?
Acid and alkaline balance is important to your health. The most important thing to know, is that too much acid in your body causes illness. It is based on the fact that the foods you eat can alter the PH of your body to more alkaline or acidic.
Alkaline – acid balance is one of the great keys to excellent health. Mastering this in your diet, will enable you to thrive. Acidity causes disturbances in your enzymes, demineralization and seriously harmful acid activity.
If you’re too acidic you may suffer from: lack of energy, depression, nervousness and agitation, conjunctivitis, tooth and gum disease, cracking at the corners of the your lips, burning in the bladder, inflamed intestines, leg cramping, dry skin, osteoporosis, dry skin, runny nose and chills, joint pain…
The pH scale goes from 0 to 14. The optimal range a person’s pH should be is over 7. Blood, lymph, and cerebral spinal fluid in the human body are designed to be slightly alkaline at a pH of 7.4.
This is what you need to know to stay your absolute healthiest: 60-80% of your diet should be alkaline and 20-40% should be acidic.
The standard American diet and even most parts of Mexico now are highly acid-forming which makes it overwhelming for the body to remove excess acid. The staples being meat, dairy, eggs, sugar, wheat, corn, processed foods like refined sugars. These diets are notably deficient in fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes.
It’s easy to bring your health to optimal state, by simply adding whole, natural foods and less processed foods, regardless of the “diet” you are following, you are giving your body a chance to be in the best shape, functioning optimally so that you can do all of those things that you love with the people you love.
*Note* Even though lemons and limes have an acidic nature, when in the body they become alkaline once fully metabolized. Drinking lemon or lemon essential oil (food grade) and water is highly alkalizing and very beneficial to the body’s digestive system.

Marcella is a certified Wellness Lifestyle Coach helping people lead healthier lives with attention to compassion and sustainability in the world. Her mission is to empower you to become the best most vibrant version of yourself so that you are unstoppably fulfilling your dreams! She looks at the whole picture and helps you incorporate plant-strong nutrition, movement, and essential oils to support physical and emotional health. If you want to receive health and wellness updates about vibrant healthy living in Vallarta sign up for her newsletter at www.wellnesslatina.


  1. Marcella,

    Some interesting advice for people who want to live to be 500. Of course no one lives to 500 because they would turn to stone from all the minerals in the water we drink.

    However there is one way to prevent and reverse the calcification of the heart, arteries and the pineal gland. Drinking distilled water. Foods we eat already have filtered the water and provide the healthy form of minerals our bodies require.

    This advice comes from the ancient science of alchemy that was for extending life to 500 years, and believed that the pineal gland determined how long we lived, and by decalcification the pineal gland , we could live longer.

    For the average person it is recommended to drink distilled water for two weeks, and then regular pure water for two weeks . For myself and family, I have provided distilled drinking water for over 35 years . I have had special tests to determine the calcification of my heart, and arteries, and the images show them to be normal and healthy.

    Alchemy apparently got its bad name when it was reported as a means to change lesser metals into gold and silver, both noble metals. I have always wondered about that, and have read where the cells of plants can transmutate certain minerals when they are lacking in the ground and available for the plant survival. Perhaps this is what the alchemy tried to do , and got its bad name.

    I didn’t think that this was possible until a small nuclear fusion reactor was patented in Greece that could fuse tin into copper with a catalyst and an applied voltage. Every several months of operation the copper had to be removed and replaced with tin.

    I wonder if alchemy is correct after all ?

  2. On the subject of water, in America some 2,000 water systems are contaminated with lead metal way above the minimum allowable amounts for healthy drinking.

    This got me thinking when this morning on the radio news report, again, the story of the court suits against the chocolate makers of candy bars over the high levels of lead in the chocolate.

    I remember reading in the Vallarta Tribune that leaded gasoline was still used in Mexico, and the high levels of smog in Mexico City where red alerts were requiring the reduction of cars on certain days.

    Lead seems to be everywhere from the lead paint , lead water pipes, lead soldered house plumbing, lead metal children’s toys, lead dishware from China, lead in glass crystal glass ware, and from mining operations.

    Critical thinkers will see the advantage of drinking distilled water, and think about drinking milk from cows that drink lead polluted water, and are fed grass and grains grown on lead contaminated soils.

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