Another success story!

Victor and Tatiana Domilovskiy saw Misha’s picture as the Featured Feline in a recent issue of Vallarta Tribune, and they fell instantly in love.
They came to our Plaza Marina adoption booth last Friday, volunteer Livia accompanied them to the vet for customs paperwork and a soft-sided carrier, then on to the airport and, quick as a wink, lucky Misha was WestJetting her way to a wonderful forever home in Vancouver.
Originally from Russia, Victor and Tatiana told us that ‘Misha’ is the nickname for the Russian name Mikhail – a perfect fit!
Marilyn Khan

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  1. In San Francisco, it is estimated there are today some 150,000 pet dogs, and likely twice that number of cats. Also dozens of wild coyotes in the large Golden Gate Park, and other parks in the city, that have walked from Marin County across the Golden Gate Bridge, and thus there are leash laws to protect dogs who enter the parks.

    Quite a number of the city feral cats belong to a neighbor two doors up our street, where they have a wooden cathouse at the bottom of their stairs, and six or more tin plates are seen along their walkway, or under their car on rainy days.

    It used to be a problem when watering my backyard, for the water directed to my berry bushes, would move when it sheltered a new litter of kittens. The city finally fixed all the cats, but yesterday, I saw a young black and white cat with a letter of kittens in her womb at my neighbors driveway. OH WELL, here we go again.

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