An Ambassador to Bucerias

“I’ve had a great life,” said Miguel Angel, musing with his chin resting on his hands as he describes early living in the small community where he was born in Southern Mexico. “It’s not on the map.” He quietly gazes off and I sense that he’s back there for the moment. “There were only fifteen houses, no electricity, and we had to be home by dark.”

Miguel’s family lived off the land; growing produce, fishing and hunting. He received his first set of clothes at six years old, his first footwear—a pair of plastic boots—at the age of nine. His family eventually moved to Mexico City, where Miguel sold newspapers on the street when he was just eleven. He later met his wife while they both worked at a restaurant. They raised five children and now enjoy visiting their seven grandchildren.

Twenty-one years ago they brought their family to Bucerias. Initially, Miguel owned a restaurant on a ranch in Mezcales, then one on the beach, not far from the current location where Restaurant-Bar Miguel Angel has been welcoming customers for sixteen years. The menu is largely Mexican and seafood, starting with a broad variety of breakfast options. He provides not only delicious fare but also his fast friendship. If not circulating through brightly adorned tables and chatting with customers, you’ll find him strolling the square, greeting and meeting strangers with a welcoming smile and handshake, keen to draw attention to the many delights Bucerias has to offer.

Along the square, there is a pharmacy, ice-cream shop, tequila store, local artisans, the beach and the bustling market. “When people are here for the first time, I like to promote and give information about the town.” A true ambassador, Miguel has a history of contributing to the community. He has a paternal love of young people and over the years has organized several events, including youth music festivals and turtle-release education seminars for elementary school students. He also holds, every April 29, a party for kids in the community. He hands out four hundred gifts focused on children finding their talents: books, soccer balls, musical instruments, art supplies, and bicycles.

His business has expanded over the past five years with the addition of The Goalie, a sports bar where you can cheer for your favorite teams while enjoying burgers, wings and pizza, as well as accommodations in one, two and three bedroom units at Bungalows Miguel Angel. The establishments are adjacent to each other, all conveniently perched beside the plaza principal in downtown Bucerias, offering the best seats for the many celebrations that take place at the square, and overlooking a wide expanse of beach and town.

Open 9 am to 10 pm daily, with live music every day, you’ll want to plan on enjoying some time at Miguel’s. There are seven tropical birds to add to the setting. One of them plays dead!
“I really like my job. My wife and I strive to provide good service, food and drinks, at good prices. That’s what everyone is looking for.” In fact, “We Love Service” is their motto, and they live up to it. One of the birds laughed loudly as we concluded our interview, startling me. Then we all laughed, bird included. For more information, please visit

Kelly Wilson

Upon retiring in Ontario, Kelly and her husband finally arrived in Puerto Vallarta—via a one-way ticket during the summer of 2017—where they now call Bucerias home. As avid adventurers, they enjoy exploring the entire Banderas Bay area. Kelly owns an online career coaching business and spends time volunteering for various local organizations.