Amazon Opens New Distribution Center in Mexico

Last week, Amazon opened its largest distribution center in Latin America, located in the municipality of Tepozotlán, in the state of Mexico. Referred to as Mex3, the facilities are large enough to fit over 18 soccer fields within them and will hold products from around the world for more efficient storage and distribution throughout Mexico, not to mention faster deliveries. This is the fourth distribution that the online retailer opens in the country.


The opening ceremonies were attended by State of Mexico Governer Alfredo del Mazo, who thanked the corporation for a one million MXN donation for educational programs. It is estimated that, to date, Amazon has invested 125 million USD in Mexico, generating jobs and bringing prosperity to thousands of local employees.


It is worth mentioning that articles available through the Amazon US website are not always available through their Mexico store ( or vice-versa. Furthermore, prices can vary from store to store, so it always helps to compare prices on the same product in both stores if the US store can actually deliver it to Mexico. • PO, reference image by Wikimedia