All Art Was Contemporary

Super good news for Friends of Rodolfo! Vallarta’s amazing blind tenor has been studying and practicing both voice and keyboards. I was astonished to hear him ace Stevie Wonder; his voice was almost identical. Then, we watched as Jean-Guy Comeau – Rodolfo’s voice and piano coach – helped him get settled at the piano and he sang AND played “What a Wonderful World” in English! He dedicated a sweet song to Skip Everett, the founder, if you will, of our informal group, Friends of Rodolfo. For all of you who have enjoyed the bolero’s and traditional Mexican songs that Rodolfo has gifted us at venues like Coco Tropical and Meño’s Place, be prepared to be amazed at the changes this coming season. I will be keeping tabs on him this summer and will let you know where you can hear him besides walking on the Malecon carrying around his large, heavy speaker. Please give generously if you see him. It’s quite alright to touch his shoulder when he is finished singing a song, introduce yourself and fill his tip jar, please. And, by all means, help him practice his English…that’s the next big hurdle on his agenda!
The OPC gallery on Juarez was packed last week for their first fundraiser and to celebrate their 5th anniversary of bringing cutting-edge art to Vallarta. It was a pleasure to become a member; if you can help more substantially, please do; the Oficina de Proyectos Culturales wants/needs to continue the extensive programs that they offer free to our community. At least, drop in at 598 Calle Juarez and buy an annual membership and have a look at the latest offering on migration called “Promised Lands.” One photo particularly unnerved me: dozens of Mexican Federal Police in riot gear, clearly on a frontier somewhere – none of them looking at the camera. They were just doing their jobs, but their faces are full of woe, compassion, and sadness. Heartbreaking.
Many restos and bars were upstairs in the OPC garden with tables laden with food and drink for sale, with everything being given up to OPC and the most fantastic flower arrangement by ‘Christian Events.’ I do hope Pilar Perez and her hardworking coworkers had a stellar night.
Can anyone shed any light on why our Church of Guadalupe is dark at night? Sandra Cesca and I stood outside the church a couple of days ago, and she told me it has been unlit at night for months now. I saw some ladders around the crown, so perhaps they are doing some work, but she’s right – our Vallarta icon should be lit up.
So, I got bit on the forearm last Thursday morning. I didn’t feel anything but noticed a red spot the size of a peso coin around 8 in the morning. It continued to swell and hurt and itch like mad. I used everything internally and topically that Ricardo Mazcal, our wizard herbalist at the Marsol Friday Market, gave me. Then, Saturday I woke up with a small elephant sitting on my chest! Related??? Yipes. Spent all day Sunday in bed: first time in decades. Feeling slightly better today – thanks for asking!
Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday. Please drop into the Marsol Friday Market by the Pier to get just the right gift. We have handmade cards, pickled beets, loads of jewelry from sterling, to antique silk, to beach glass, delightful chocolates filled with herbal elixirs (bet you can’t eat just one!) and much more. See you from 9:30 to 1:30.
It’s getting hot and steamy outside. Keep your cool by giving away hugs to friends and smiles; especially to strangers. Your day will just get better, From Here.

Marcia Blondin