Alex Daoud, “The Magic Man”, Can’t see Ugly – Only Beauty

By Julie Bunker

Do you ever feel UGLY?  You know… down in the dumps?… pants a little tight?…. having a really BAD hair-day?  You ask a friend, “How do I look?”… and they tell you the  unpleasant TRUTH?!

 Well, I know a man who absolutely cringes when a woman feels “Ugly” because this man sees beauty in ALL women – no matter their age, size, race or hairstyle!  Ask THIS man how you look, and he’ll say “BEAUTIFUL”.  Why?…because he can see your INNER beauty.  And what’s even better, this man is passionate about making your outer beauty sparkle to match the beauty you have inside. 

 He is Alex Daoud…. AKA, “The Magic Man”…. owner of Alexander A Salon International Beauty Spa located in Plaza Marina.  Alex is passionate about his work.  Looking forward to Fridays at 6pm, or dreading Monday mornings means nothing to him.  Any day of the week, Alex is a ready and willing “Artist”.  (Not “stylist” – because it takes an Artist to see each human being in their own unique light.)

 Alex says a good “stylist” has to: 1) have a good education, 2) great products, and 3) use the right techniques. But… Alex insists there are two more requirements to be a true “Artist”:  4) Passion, and 5) Love.  These 5 elements are reflected in the services Alex offers…. from cuts and color, to make-up and eyebrow threading.  You can think of this in terms of food. It’s true that just about anyone can cook (even me), but it takes a great chef to satisfy a serious foodie!  And so it is with a Hair and Beauty “Artist”!

 From a fabulous low maintenance “wash and go” cut, to looking like a flower, to…. (What? Flower?) Yes!  You see Alex uses “foam” instead of aluminum foil for coloring hair (see photo).  Foils, combined with the steamy heat, can cause damage to the hair – drying it out…making some colors look “brassy”.  But the use of foam is not only environmentally friendly (wash and reuse), it’s a gentler process allowing air to enter.  Note:  Cut and Color are calculated according to your hair type and facial structure.  In fact, Alex will look at you, then close his eyes and get a vision of the perfect look for you.  That’s how he became known as The Magic Man!

 In Alex’s six short years in Puerto Vallarta, his business became so successful, that in April 2016, he expanded to also include spa services such as manicure, pedicure, massage, waxing and more.

 Alex was introduced to genuine beauty as a teenager in his homeland of Jordan when he was offered an opportunity to work for the matriarch of his country, Queen Noor.  Together with her obvious exquisite physical attributes, Alex discovered she also possessed a deep inner beauty and tender heart.  Alex was involved with her project to empower the Jordanian women from the impoverished villages through the Queen Noor Foundation, where she collected intricately handmade pieces from the women, sold them, then returned their money to help them to care for their children.  Seeing this, Alex’s heart was touched since he has never “gone without” in his life.  Since that time, Alex began to see the inner beauty of each woman he meets.

So he made a decision – to learn how to transform women on the outside, to empower them to become aware of their beauty on the inside.  He began his studies in nearby Germany and Italy; then started his career as a stylist/”Artist” for “Good Morning, Jordan”. That led him to work with both the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants in 2008.  He went on to work for Schwarzkopf, a German hair/cosmetic company, and for the CHI Company Design Team in Cancun, Mexico.  As a speaker/educator, he conducted groups of 5000 plus eager-to-learn stylists demonstrating the latest cuts, some of which were his own creations.

Now it was time for Alex to find the way to pursue his goal – to follow in Queen Noor’s footsteps.  The Magic Man wasted no time! Alex has donated over 100,000 pesos to local charities that benefit both women and children such as Pasitos de Luz, Casa Hogar, Kids with Cancer, and Corazon de Niñas.  In fact he spends Sundays during high season at the La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Farmers’ Market at his booth providing haircuts and/or eyebrow threading, to both male and female market goers, donating 50% of the proceeds to those charities.  Alex has also touched the lives of many female inmates at our local prison, whom, in November 2016 benefited from training in basic haircutting techniques, so upon release they have a skill that will help them support their children.  Imagine how they felt when Alex gave each and every one of them a haircut!  They are looking forward to his return this summer (2017) when he will continue his work with them.

But what about Puerto Vallarta’s “everyday women”…. those who were born here, or foreign born, or visit part time, or just vacation here? (We everyday women can have a blind spot, too, when it comes to seeing our inner beauty.)  These women see Alex at his salon.  When greeted warmly upon arrival, and after having fun during the “flower phase”, Alex will give you a big hug and tell you of your beauty.  That is when you know you are in the right spot.

So the next time you are down in the dumps, feeling “ugly” – remember The Magic Man, Alex Daoud….and remember your own inner beauty. Look these photos.  See that sparkle?!  Would you like that, too, and “good” hair, to boot?  Then go see Alex Daoud.  You’ll have a great time – and leave looking and feeling BEAUTIFUL – inside and out!

You can find “Magic Man”, Alex Daoud, at the La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Farmers’ Market between 10am – 2pm every Sunday during “high season”, or at Alexander A Salon International Beauty Spa in Plaza Marina, local F2, year round, next to the Comercial Mexicana supermarket.  322-169-8111.