Take a look…take a better look. Jake has NOT been Photoshop’d! This is his for-real smile. Jake is a super sweet, cuddly, playful, overall great dog. He is a Lab mix about a year and a half old and weighs just 28 pounds. Jake is good with other dogs and would make a wonderful companion. How can you not smile back when you look at him! Contact us at if you are ready to add Jake to your family.

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  1. It has been many years since I was a young boy who’s dad got him a pet dog … and over the past many years I have no idea how much it costs to have and take care of a dog.

    We have today SmartPhones, SmartMeters , and now there is SmartCollars for poor pooches to heal. The smart collar is studded with wireless sensors that monitor the vital signs of man’s best friend and alerts the owner/custodian as soon as the dog starts feeling under the weather.

    The device was developed by PetPace in Burlington , Massachusetts; keeps track of temperature, pulse and respiration as well as activity patterns and the number of calories burned. Software while the dog plays , sleeps and eats, compares this information with other breed-specific data.

    If the dog’s statistics deviate in any way, that indicates a possible problem, an alert is sent to the owner’s smartphone and to the vet. COST: $150 plus $15 per month for the monitoring service. I wonder if this service is available for a child?

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