Adjust Your Sleep with an Adjustable Bed

The older I get, the more I realize just how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. I used to think that adjustable beds were for when you were old, sick, or had difficulty with mobility. Now I realize that they are great for people of any age who are interested in improving their health and lifestyle.

An adjustable bed can incline your upper body and leave your lower body prone. You can also tilt just your lower body, so your feet are higher than your heart when lying down. These beds have hinges that allow you to adjust bed and mattress, so you have more options than just lying flat. The foldable areas of the bed align with the main joints of our bodies. These are the neck, back, leg, and foot.


With the growing number of baby boomers, bed manufacturers are seeing a higher demand for adjustable beds, not just north of the border, but here in Mexico too. In the last year, we have seen an exponential increase in requests for adjustable beds in the Bay of Banderas alone.


In addition to providing a more comfortable sleep, they aid in circulation, help reduce swelling, and can ease breathing. Those who use adjustable beds swear they can fall asleep faster, remain asleep longer, and when they get up, they are more refreshed. They even say that getting out of bed is easier!


If you have edema in your legs, an adjustable bed positioned with the lower half of your body above the heart during the night may alleviate some stress. If you suffer from chronic pains due to sciatica or arthritis, an adjustable bed can take some of the pressure off aching joints. Other conditions adjustable beds could potentially help are fibromyalgia, hiatus hernia, gastric reflux, and heartburn.

If you like to read a book or shop on your tablet, it’s a great way to save yourself from getting a sore neck. If your partner snores, an adjustable bed could help you sleep better since sleeping in a more upright position helps reduce blocked airways.

The styles of adjustable beds have changed too. In the past, adjustable beds were clunky and utilitarian since the majority were purchased for use in hospitals and care homes and needed to be able to resist harsh cleansers. Today, you can get adjustable beds that are slimline, stylish, and fit right into any décor concept. They are available with headboards or without.

For those concerned with space allowance, adjustable beds are also available as wall huggers. This feature reduces the space required when the bed is in an upright position.

You can find adjustable beds with two types of structures. The first, which is more prevalent because of its lower price, includes a slatted base and a motor. The other structure has a base that is flexible and has a more powerful engine. The second option is a more solid structure, and if you have a little bit extra in your budget, worth upgrading. Although there is a slight noise when you adjust the bed, it is still quiet. Most mattresses will work; however, it is better to buy one built for an adjustable bed, so you get a longer life from your mattress investment.

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Sheryl Novak
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