ACOPIO … Looking for Furr-ever Homes

Puerto Vallarta’s ‘city pound’ is a no-kill shelter that runs solely on donations. Many of the animals wait months and even years to be rescued. Donations of money and food, volunteers and loving homes are desperately needed all year but particularly during these slower months.
Open Monday-Saturday from 8 AM-2 PM. 293-3690.
The Acopio is now holding adoptions every Saturday from 11 AM-2 PM at Plaza Caracól (back end of building near McDonald´s entrance) or Macro Plaza.
Because of the pet store at Plaza Caracol that keeps dogs in small vitrines, the Acopio is no longer allowed to bring dogs to that location.
Please check with the Acopio regarding their adoption schedules. Dogs are walked twice a week by volunteers organized by Friends of Puerto Vallarta Animals.
Eighty-five dogs and dozens of cats are waiting for permanent homes at the Acopio.