Do you need a hug? An enormous one awaits you at the brand new Sicilian-cuisine restaurant next to Outback Steakhouse. It is called Abbraccio – hug in Italian – gigantic in spirit, food, tremendously excellent service, and size.


What a pleasure to see a jam-packed opening night that also benefitted one of Vallarta’s favorite charities – Pasitos de Luz. It was wildly successful with over 250 generous people that gave more than 300,000 pesos to the Little Steps of Light. We also received hand-painted cards that were made by the kids, and some of them made the rounds of tables shaking hands and saying hola if they could speak; it was touching to have them there.


If there is ever a night when things will go wrong, it’s Opening Night – for any business; but imagine hundreds of people showing up virtually at the same time and want food and drink NOW. Yipes! It looked to me that the team of servers practiced for weeks – nobody was in a panic; it was incredible to watch oh, and the food.


I have to get Bronwen White out there stat! There were no menus, so I won’t even try to put a name on anything except the pizza which, like everything else the four of us sampled, was brilliantly done. Pasta all made in-house, divinely al dente; the bread was hot out of the oven, the pesto loaded with garlic as was everything we ate, met up with olive oil at each table. So fresh.


A truly red-carpet event, the pouring rain dampened no ones’ spirits. It will be interesting to see how the tables are perhaps resituated for their regular operating days. The restaurant is enormous, with soaring ceilings and no buffers to dampen sound… maybe that will come.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a few people that I knew there – always ready to give from the heart to those who are in need: SB Realtors, Intercam Bank; Carl Timothy Real Estate; Marcelo Mico; Pat Carey; Georgia Dareshori from Casa Karma and what appeared to be the entire staff of Lifestyles magazine.


I am looking forward to returning to Abbraccio for dinner, even though I live within walking distance of hundreds of fantastic restaurants. The food was excellent under the most critical circumstances, as was the service. Imagine what it would be like on a Tuesday? Wonderful. And what a great place for a wedding or Christmas party! Good luck, Abbraccio, and grazie mille.


Last week I sat down with Salvador Luna and caught up with his latest projects with his company Sher Productions. The former director of Teatro Vallarta has a terrific lineup of shows for this coming season. Starting with the Jalisco State Ballet’s return of The Nutcracker that sold out last year in days. You can buy tickets now at Teatro Vallarta for Nutcracker and all the other Sher Productions starting December 6th.

I have to rave about Siddhartha. I saw the performance last season and was totally blown away. It was one of the most spectacular shows I have ever seen in my life, and that includes some serious Cirque. Siddhartha will be coming from Spain for two performances at the end of May 2020.

In between that start and finish will be a live Queen Tribute in January and the triumphant return of Fandango that will celebrate their tenth anniversary with a two-week-long tour of Mexico. Seventeen musicians and 24 dancers commemorate the history of my adopted country on Teatro Vallarta’s stage. More delicious details as we get closer to Opening Night(s)…


I just found out that El Rio BBQ’s Opening Night of their Tribute concerts will feature “The Doors” on December 28th. I will see you there for sure.


The last summer Market is this Friday at the Marsol Hotel lobby. No time off this year, we segue straight into our joyous, busy winter season. Don’t forget our first Bazaar is on Tuesday the 29th from 10 to 2.

The hugs are always free and fierce, From Here.

Marcia Blondin