“A taste of Mexico’s wine country,” Forbes, 05/08/2013

Just a two-hour drive south of San Diego across the Mexican border ies the peaceful Baja California valley brimming with ripened grapes, delicious wines and gourmet cuisine concocted from the freshest of local ingredients. Our Forbes Travel Guide editors take a peak at Mexico’s lovey – and somewhat little known – Valle de Guadalupe, a wine country destination screaming for a late summer getaway of the great outdoors, delicious food and plenty of vino.

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  1. Concord grapes have always been my favorite for fresh eating or grape juice. Both the older seeded, or the newer seedless . The purple skins are somewhat tough, but are better for you. As in most fruits and tubers, the healthiest part is in the skins. Drink it fresh before it turns to vinegar. Drinking fresh grape juice and driving go together. The best vinegar for you and the stomach is the organic apple cider vinegar. Drink a small glass of apple cider vinegar straight or with water for a healthy stomach – and a longer life. I like the baked potato skins, and not the inner part, same as the orange pulp and not the juice.
    It works fine in our family, my wife gets the mashed potato and I get the skins, she gets the orange juice, and I get the pulp. I eat the whole grape , she peals the skins off and throws them away. And she sometimes complains about my perfect health, especially when we have to pay for our yearly health check-ups. I am told that I am wasting my money on mine..

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