A Record Number of Americans will travel in 2015

By Dora Hasan Mekouar

Thanks to lower gas prices and a stronger dollar, Americans are expected to take a record number of international trips in the next couple of years, and more exotic locales such as Cuba and Myanmar are on their radar.
Emerging from a recession that kept many grounded for the past few years, Americans are venturing abroad again. Euromonitor International, a market research company, estimates Americans will make about 64 million trips to foreign countries in 2015.
Their number-one destination with be Mexico, thanks to that country’s proximity to the United States.
“There are a lot of cultural ties between the two countries,” said Michelle Grant, travel research manager at Euromonitor International. “But then, the country is also known for its leisure activities, lots of all-inclusive resorts in Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, so a lot of Americans are choosing to vacation there as well as visit their friends and family or to conduct business.”
Many of those visitors will drive to Mexico, as well as to Canada, the second most popular foreign destination for Americans. But they are also flying. About 6 million Americans caught a flight to Mexico in 2013, while 3.8 million flew to Canada.
The next most visited destination is the United Kingdom, where 2.5 million Americans are expected to visit in 2015.
Many will be business travelers.
Americans tend to stay clear of countries with a reputation for instability. While they’ll still visit isolated tourist centers like Los Cabos and Cancun, Acapulco, which used to be a famous international destination, is now a no-go zone thanks to violence and instability, according to Grant.
“Americans are more aware of the things that are going on globally, thanks to the speed with which information travels now but they understand that it can be very localized,” she said.
“The Mexican government has done a good job of convincing Americans that it’s safe to travel to certain parts of the country.
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  1. I am no expert here, however I am of a different mind. There is talk in the U.S. that Obama is planning for war with Russia over differences between the two Nations. Russia is in economic trouble due to all the economic restrictions placed on the country and their wealthy people.

    Then there is the problem with measles in the U.S. and other viral lung diseases effecting children in schools around the country, and the thought that they are arriving from Mexico with all the people arriving unchecked over the southern border. Did I mention the $45 and lower barrel of oil prices?

    Next is the feeling of the administration that Mexico is a failing country due to the problems around the President, his wife, the Mayor and his wife and other officials in the administration which include all the houses and buildings purchased in the U.S.in trusts shielding the purchasers names.

    Then there is terrorism threatened against the U.S. by Muslim groups … some regarding taking down airplanes. I am prepared to vacation in Puerto Vallarta come the end of September . However , who knows what will be the situation when the time arrives this year.

  2. A report on the Internet regarding the price of a barrel of oil falling to as low as $10.00 US due to the cost of horizontal well drilling providing an extraction cost of from $10 to $20 dollars per barrel, and the oil producing countries increasing their oil production to make up for the lower price of oil that provides the money for their yearly budgetary needs, This results in an additional world supply of some 400,000 barrels each day … combined with a world reduction of oil use.

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