A Quiet Week

Another soft, grey morning starts off the week in Vallarta. Another Monday with remnants of flu! In June? Perhaps I am having a delayed reaction…so many were so ill during season, and I scooted by all those germs. That piper will evidently be paid.
National Botanical Gardens Day is 22 June so guess where you should be this coming Saturday? It is super easy to get out to the Vallarta Botanical Garden on the bus and a feast for the eyes every inch of the way. The Hummingbirds were feted last weekend at the VBG; this fantastic, tranquil place will flood all your senses with joy and peace. And the food is excellent! Become a member; the Garden receives no monies at all from any government sources, so it’s all on our community to help keep the flowers growing.
If you were lucky enough to attend one of Enrique de Allende’s concerts over the last couple of months, you would have heard newcomer-to-Vallarta Mary Porter! Her lovely soprano voice is being celebrated in early July in her own show. Details next week in this space!
Demetro Galeria on Lazaro Cardenas across from the Tile Park has reduced their hours of operation. If you are looking for some large canvasses or smaller versions of Jim Demetro’s sculptures, for your new home, stop in every Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Talk to Gina; she can steer you in the right direction. While you are there, you can check out a few of my pieces of jewelry that are made specifically for Demetro Galeria.
I had lunch with two of my fave men in Vallarta last week – Paco Ojeda and Alain Perreault. We convened for a few hours of good food and fabulous conversation at Seasons P.V. – nicely air conditioned, by the way, without freezer burn. Keep that in mind during our long sweaty, summer days and, I highly recommend the chicken Caesar Salad.
The boys are back at Act II from a well-deserved vacay. See their Press Release in this issue so you can plan your week’s worth of entertainment. Act II recently won Best Entertainment Venue in town by readers of the Vallarta Tribune. I will see you there, maybe for Karaoke?
Don’t forget to join us at the Marsol Friday Market by the Pier; the only Artisan Market open all year in Vallarta. Hugs are free from me!
Keep your umbrella near at hand and, get your gutters cleaned if you haven’t done them yet. Hold one other close in the tormentas – that’d be you, the dogs and the kitties. Keep telling them everything’s gonna be alright because you know what? It will be, that’s why; it’s only just a storm. Always, love the one(s) you’re with, From Here.

Marcia Blondin