A New Season Begins

It’s already that time of year! Soon we’ll turn our clocks back and pull out our warm sweaters, as a low-hanging sun offers the sweet relief of more temperate days. Autumn brings with it our beloved Day of the Dead celebrations, and with evidence of change all around us, we have a chance to reflect on our seasons’ changes where we’ve been and where we are going.

With bright marigolds, ornately painted faces, extravagant parades, and altars reflecting treasured memories, we celebrate the arrival of a new season in grand style. Right on schedule, the streets begin filling up with familiar faces. Snowbirds flock to the lush green hills and crystal blue waters of Banderas Bay, and Vallarta is once again abuzz with happiness. People excited to flee the cold of the North, for the warm embrace of friends they’ve missed for months.

It’s time to get back into the groove at the Tile Park too! We’re all set for the 2019-20 season, and it’s going to be great.

We’ve got some exciting things planned; look forward to newly-formatted workshops, a more robust hands-on volunteer program, and community events, to name just a few.

Workshops: If you are interested in participating in a workshop this season, please email hola@tileparkpv.com for more information. The workshops this year are going to be more collaborative than in the past, so expect something new this season! If you previously took a workshop, consider participating again this year. See what changes the intervening seasons have brought to your creativity.

Volunteering: Already know you love the Tile Park? Already did your workshop, not interested in another, but interested in sticking tiles at your leisure? We hear you, buddy. Buy yourself a bucket, and a few other supplies, and you’re one of us now. If you wouldn’t mind mentoring some of the newbies, we’d appreciate that too. Oh, and if you’re taller than us, and Bill isn’t around, could you reach that for us? Thanks.

Events: The whole intention of the Tile Park project is our community, creating a safe, bright, engaging space that welcomes all people. This park is everyone’s park, no matter where they come from, what color their skin is, or who they love. With its central location, it’s an essential part of Old Town’s story. Our park is a place where people start and end their day. They meet up here before going out. They meet up here to stay right here too.
It’s a great place to hang out, so we’ll be doing just that, and inviting you to do the same along with us. We are forever fundraising (shameless plug: https://www.tileparkpv.com/donate), but our events don’t always need to be fundraisers. Especially not when we want to show you what we’ve been doing, and we want to hear what you’ve been up to, too.

It’s an honor to be here again with you this season! Let’s make beautiful art together.