A Hodgepodge!

By the time this is out there, we will be in the thick of the Semana Santa holidays. For those that whine and moan even before the crowds arrive, you know, it’s not like it is a surprise. We know every year, months in advance of when it will be. IMHO it is a parade of sights, sounds and people enjoying their vacation. Gone are the days of having to stock up on toilet paper and bread as this stuff abounds now. Just plan accordingly, do not be in a rush to get somewhere and enjoy the show!

Our nutrition sessions at Sanmare are a gigantic hit! So far we have learned about food safety, sampled some strange and exotic tropical fruits and have had loads of fun. Up next is a tour to the local market, making smoothies and learning about spices of the area. We start up again in May so if you would like to participate, just let me know!

I have had a couple of requests for a Cancer Support Group. If you are interested, or know someone who is, please let me know as we are working on the details at this time.

Our monthly screening clinics and speakers programs will start up again in May with our May newsletter out (hopefully!) around Easter. Eyes, ears, thyroid, hips, knees, skin and much more. It is time to update a few of our clinics as we have been doing them for years. It is always good to do a ‘freshen up’! And speaking of freshening up, that will be our May theme! From breast implants to Botox and everything in between when it comes to some ‘tweeking’ oneself. Ideas? Send them to me!

Our Men’s and Women’s check-ups are receiving RAVE reviews! Time for a complete physical? Let me know.

It is time to say ‘hasta luego’ to our winter friends as they head NOTB. To say it has been an insanely busy winter this year is an understatement. We wish all of those returning north for the summer a super summertime. With the large amount of folks living here full time, onward we continue! Year round, 12 months a year, 365 days is when we are here for you, for all of your healthcare needs.

With things a little less nuts, there is a bit more time for movies, socializing, reading and that very important item: napping. If you are here all summer, we have a group who escapes to the air conditioned movie once a week (Wednesdays) and we will begin in June. If you would like to be on the email list, just let me know! pamela@healthcareresourcespv.com

Here’s to a serene week!

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