by JD McClure
There’s a new work of art on the streets of Puerto Vallarta. It’s a new neighborhood altar for the Virgen of Guadalupe, located on the north wall of the new Casa Mascota Cultural Center, on Calle Aldama at the corner of Calle Juarez, in the middle of the city center.
On a modest cantera shelf rests a mosaic made entirely of handmade Mexican tiles, each piece cut, nipped and shaped to fit. The mural is framed in a pattern of cobalt blue tiles.
A full view of the “Guadalupana” is depicted. She was created by local artist Marianne Menditto, one of the owners of Colibrí Design, right down the street. Marianne says that it is a gift of thanks from her and her husband, who moved here from the shores of the Sea of Cortez about 4 years ago, looking for some peace and security.
They had a gallery in Puerto Peñasco for over a decade, selling Mexican art and folk art, doing creative tilework, and building beach homes. Between a rotten US economy and the open take-over of the region by drug gangs, they, like many others, found themselves looking for a new home.
They both feel that they have found it here in Puerto Vallarta and thought that a tribute to our patron saint was a good way to show their appreciation. It was a labor of love, that took Marianne over two months to complete and she really out-did herself. The gift is appropriate.