A Bucketful of Stuff!

Heavenly rain! They have finally arrived! Gully washers as Bob Price of the Botanical Gardens says. This week I share a mishmash of items. As I have mentioned in the past, we have a group of licensed mental health professionals who meet monthly to share information and discuss many items. They have put together a “Mental Health Resources Guide,” a great resource for the area, available for anyone who just sends me an email. It is in both English and Spanish.

It is mosquito time with the rains. This brings mosquito-borne diseases, including dengue, to our attention. It is every single one of our responsibilities to do what we can to prevent these diseases, so be sure to empty out any standing water on your patios and terraces. Cover drains whenever possible.

We have a complete and thorough Men’s and Women’s Checkup and for the next two months, it is being offered at a 10% discount. This also includes a follow up consult with a great, bilingual GP. By appointment only. For details, send me an email.

Our August clinics are filling quickly. If you did not receive the newsletter, just request via email. All of our clinics are screening clinics, from your ears to your feet.

Insurance. Always the hot topic on Facebook. Something that I have learned, especially the past couple of years, is that an insurance policy is only as good as the agent one has. Make sure to select a reputable and experienced agent. If you have an admission, need assistance with the insurance, you want to be sure the agent steps up to the plate and goes to bat for you. We do not sell insurance but we do work with reputable agents. I have put together an email with loads of information as to how insurance works here and other information, available upon request.

The past few weeks, we have had a lot of people with a plethora of symptoms and it turns out to be dehydration. Do you think you are drinking enough water? Think again and drink some more! Symptoms such as brain fog, tiredness, headache all the way to seizures can be due to dehydration. Another thing bringing people in for medical assistance is food poisoning—salmonella. Choose carefully where you eat in these hot and sultry summer months. Always wash your hands.

It still baffles me when I see someone post their symptoms on Facebook asking for assistance. Ok. I get the basic idea but the answers are sometimes bizarre. Forget Dr. Google and welcome Dr. Facebook!

I would like to give a giant shout out to Peggy Utter and her super fantastic cakes. They are works of art! Look her up on Facebook as thesugarqueenpv. Her items are not just gorgeous but they are delicious as well!

I am desperate for topics! Please send them to me. Wide open. Here’s to a gleaming week!

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