9 Easy Ways to Improve Your Mobility and Change Your Life

I am often asked if I have a short list of top priority moves that I would recommend over all others.

In this article, I have put together such a list. These moves do not need a gym or a class. You can do many of them anytime and anywhere. If they need props, I have indicated where you can get them. You may have to refer to this column’s archives to get a full description of the move.

Do them all as a home practice or choose a few and make them a daily habit. Either way, your mobility will improve by leaps and bounds.

1. Naboso Technology insoles. Described 3/7/19. They are not a move by themselves. But if you make this small investment ($50) and use them often, they will change the way you move every time you move. They will improve your posture, gait, and balance. Available at www.nabosotechnology.com.

2. Three-way ankle mobility stretch. Described 11/29/18. This move will improve the functionality of your knees, feet, and ankles. I recommend using a 6″x12″ half-round foam roller. Available on amazon.com.mx or at my studio.

3. Heel lifts with or without a YTU therapy ball. Heel lifts are a simple movement to improve your balance and stretch your toes. Stand in good posture with a wall or another safe point nearby. Lift and lower both heels or alternate left and right. Add a challenge. Place a Yoga Tune Up therapy ball between your feet at floor level. Available on amazon.com.mx or at my studio.

4. Balancing on one foot. Described 11/20/18. Balancing on one foot will improve your balance. Start standing in good posture near a safe point. This move also helps maintain bone density in your hip (femur).

5. Static Back. Described 1/24/19. It requires a couch, a chair, or a box to rest your knees and feet on while you lie on the floor. This is a great move to relieve lower back pain. Stay as long as you can, up to one hour.

6. Squat to sit, squat to pick up something. There are many ways to squat. I described a resting squat on 2/28/19 and a mini squat at a chair on 3/21/19. Squatting or partial squatting is a good habit. Think about dropping your buttocks behind you to sit on a chair or on the floor or to pick up something on the floor. This habit will save your lower back. And strengthen your core and quads.

7. Supine hypopressives. Described 2/14/19. You will have to check out the Vallarta Tribunes archives for directions. It involves a specific breathing pattern. Hypopressives strengthen your core and your pelvic floor. They also address prolapse and incontinence.

8. Prone chest lift. Described 6/8/19. A simple move that helps strengthen your upper back extensors. Strong back extensors help with posture and reduce your risk of falling.

9. Therapy Balls at your occipital ridge. Rest the base of your skull (occipital ridge) on a horizontal pair of YTU alpha therapy balls in a tote. Nod up and down. Then left and right. Take your time. Release the tension in your neck and shoulders.

There you have it! Contact me if you have any questions or comments.

[Medical disclaimer: This article is intended for education and information only. It is not a substitute for a doctor’s opinion.]

Via Anderson, E-RYT, is a Yoga and movement coach and teaches the Intelligent Movement Forever system of healthy movement in a weekly online class, in private sessions, and at Yoga Vallarta during the high season. This 77-year-old grandmother practices what she preaches and teaches. She is the author of “How to Move Without Pain: A Compendium of Intelligent Movement”, to be released in 2019. www.intelligentmovementforever.com