Savor y Musik Festival in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

Fun on the Riviera Nayarit
with Cat Morgan

Savor Y Musik Festival in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
The Semilla Negra Production Company produced the first annual Savor Y Musik Festival that started on Monday, December 9th.  It all began at the glorieta, (where the cross of Huanacaxtle is located in the center of the round-about) with the group Kankaba playing drums, and leading the procession to the first venue.
Well known bands such as Expirale, Tatewari,  Duvalin Band,  De Perlas,  Mellow Mule, Viento Estelar, Thrilloblues,  Bohemia, Los Lost Cruzers, Son Dos,  Son Huasteca,  Pichacus,  Geronimo Y Los Infieles,  Pulpo Fusion, Enlase Musical, Kankaba, Traveling Band, Philo and the Mexican Shuffle Band, are performing at various participating restaurants around La Cruz. To view the entire schedule and participating restaurant map please go to and scroll down.

To highlight a bit of what is going on for Friday and through the weekend, there will be two bands playing at the participating restaurants, one at 7pm, and again at 8pm, offering you musical variety, and the venues will be serving food specials.

Octopus’s Garden will have Pulpo Fusin (jazz), 7pm and the Duvlin Band (rock cover / English y Espanol) 8pm
Oso’s Oyster Bar located on the La Cruz Marina, The Travelling Band will be playing at 7:30 with their country blues and classic rock.
Gecko Rojo 7pm Thrillobules blues band and at 8pm the bluegrass band Los Lost Cruzers
Frasciti Traditional Veracruz music with Son Dos performing at 7pm, and the Mellow Mule who plays alternative pop acoustic at 8pm.
Philo’s  will be Philo and the Mexican Shuffle Band, and will be playing at 8pm,
Friday and Saturday.

Octopus’s Garden
at 7pm De Perlas (alternative pop rock) , and at 8pm Thrilloblues playing blues music.
Masala Bar and Grill, 7pm is Geronimo y los Infieles (playing jazz and funk), and at 8pm
Pichacus  playing Latin music.
Oso’s Oyster Bar Bob Tansen and Friends Calypso at 8pm
Sandzibar   Son Huastco (traditional Mexican) 7pm and Bohemia (Bolero / Latin) at 8pm

The Big Finale on Sunday
Sunday, December 15th will be the big finale for all of the bands to play at the La Cruz main square. To find the plaza, take the 200 road to the La Cruz exit. Come into La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, and go left at the only light. Drive down and you will see the town square on the right.

It’s going to be quite the show, with the music starting at 2pm, and running past 11pm.
There will be photos and video from the week’s events on a large screen for all to see, bands playing all day and into the evening, and also vendors selling foods and their wares. There will be T-shirts and CD’s for sale from all of the participating bands. This event helps boost the local economy.  All of the musicians have donated their time and energy for this festival. The proceeds from the t-shirts will help to pay for the expenses of the bands, and the festival itself.  The first music festival of its kind involving the community on this level, the Savor Y Musik Festival will hopefully become an annual event for La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. So, come on over to La Cruz for some terrific food and music this weekend and have some fun. See you at the Savor Y Musik Festival !

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