Flowers for Pasitos

When you are holding this current issue in your hands, I will be touring the new docking facilities at the Marina. Being shown about by none other than “Puerto Magico” project owner, developer, and fellow Albertan, Dean Regehr. Come back next week and find out what exactly is going on down by Immigration.


Does anyone remember having a Pen Pal in the olden days of snail mail? Actually checking your mailbox daily to see if that someone you were getting to know actually wrote back? I can’t remember how we were ever introduced on paper at least, but it was exciting.


Last week, I got to meet someone who has become a real ‘pal’ (what an odd word!). Brian came into Marsol Friday Market last week, we introduced ourselves and then went to Langostino’s for lunch and yakked for a couple of hours. Two kindred souls, indeed.


Then, for the entire weekend, I was up to here in original artwork. Starting at the Vallarta Botanical Garden for a private cocktail reception with the founder, Bob Price, and a full house of Garden members who came out to salute Vallarta’s artist Marta Gilbert. Marta’s latest, beautiful painting of Frida Kahlo was unveiled for the first time ever. Entitled” Soy de ese tipo de mujer que si quiero la luna me la bajo yo solita.” In English: “I am that kind of woman that if I want the moon, I will take it down myself.”

Marta’s 2019 Winter Exhibition starts this Friday, November 22nd, from 7 until 9 pm at the River Café. Not only will the Spirit of Frida be there but some sculptures as well.

It was a lovely Garden party with so many friends I have not seen for months and months. Welcome back with giant hugs!

The very next day, I was at another unveiling of art that was so unusual and brilliant. I have to backtrack a bit…

Kathleen Carrillo is well-known in Vallarta as an extremely accomplished painter. We have loved her Venice series, her delightfully human Women series. Her work is always brightly colored, long-lashed, sassy, and thoughtful.

Every year she picks a theme; this year it was flowers. Not just any flowers, but those that have distinctive meaning, and she went BIG. Five x five feet-big. Ten canvases that need big walls. She painted them for Casa Conner, the heart and soul of Vallarta’s celebrated and dearly beloved charity, Pasitos de Luz.

All ten canvases stood together in Kathleen’s Gallery’s garden, almost finished. Each one needed just a simple touch more paint. Some of the kids from Pasitos were on hand to help Kathleen finish these amazing treasures. Many of the kids were so shy, but eventually, each one of them got to hold a real artist’s brush loaded with paint. With Kathleen’s gently guiding hand, the children helped her finish the series. The photo ops were accompanied by sheer joy and whoops and cheers from the kids who knew they were a part of something monumental, even though none of them could verbalize what it was.

While all ten originals will go to Casa Conner to brighten up their large white walls, limited edition copies have been made in acrylic in three different sizes. You can order an entire set or just your favorite flower. These will only be available until the end of March 2020. Think Christmas gifts!

The prices are very reasonable for the protected prints that are ready to hang, and every centavo goes to Pasitos de Luz.

By the way, that means “Little Steps of Light” in English. May you always have light when you walk and remember to share it with others, From Here.

Marcia Blondin