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As I am always saying, I am so lucky to work with many fascinating people. I am snoopy. I want to know about them, what makes them tick, where they have been, what they have done. I believe that everyone has a “story”, rich with all kinds of stuff woven in.
One of these people is Jose Raul Angulo Baños. He is our X-ray technician at Clinic Sanmare. He goes by Raul and he was born here in Puerto Vallarta, so a true pata salada. I have watched him work with patients at various locations of the DIV Radiology System (which is what we have at Sanmare) and I have always been so very impressed as to how very kind he is with a patient. Raul has a bit different background than your average radiology technician as he used to be a cook, he says, although in reality, I think he should be called a chef. He began his journey at Café des Artists and was able to work in their various restaurants for a couple of years until he applied for and was accepted as a chef on a cruise ship! He worked in the Caribbean, northern Europe, working in pastry and eventually was the ice cream man!
After working at sea, he wanted a more stable job on land so he attended school in Guadalajara and obtained his radiology technician degree. He was hired by Diagnostic Integral Vallarta and we are glad that they did!
I asked him what the most favorite part of his job is and he says: Seeing a patient coming back to check how they are doing, seeing their progress. He says “you not only get to see bones in here”!
I asked him what the least favorite part of his job is and he says having children patients because it is never easy to see a child in pain with an accident/illness. He says ‘it always gets to me’.
I asked him a tip that I could give to patients coming for X-rays, CT scans, etc and he says “You do not have to worry about the radiation you are receiving. Let us worry about you and your problem at the moment and trust us when we do your study. We are here to attend to you. There is always a risk benefit using x-rays for diagnostic purposes but trust us when we say that we make all efforts to protect you as much as possible. We are here for you!”
My final question to Raul was ‘where do you see yourself in ten years’? I see myself, hopefully, working as an X-ray technician until I open my own food place, like a food truck so that I can have the versatility of changing the food/menu as I please so that I can make what I love, wherever I want it and wherever the world leads me.”
I say Bravo Raul! We are so proud to work with you. And my last question: When are you going to bring us a gourmet lunch?
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Here’s to a scintillating week!


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